Monday, September 7, 2015

HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair, the “ Salon de Te ” Section now open from 8th to 12th September - ( HK Convention & Exhibition Centre )

As mentioned in the previous post,  the ‘Salon de Te’ section of the HKTDC Watch Exhibition in Wanchai is highlighted as some of the Elites or most Creative section of the show.   Today some of us took a preview tour before it is ready for show from tomorrow 8th September onwards,  it is still being organized right now with so many Exhibitors preparing their stands.   It will last until the 12th of September,  the day when it is open FREE to the Public. 

The Public audience can visit here 國際名表薈萃 Salon de Te -
On 12 of September.  If you are in the Watch or Similar Trade you can also register online to come starting tomorrow from 8th Sept.


Salon de Te -
It’s almost Wizardry like this year.   With reference to the Mad Hatters or Mechanic clocks, 
Circus Shows.   Its creating a vibe which is almost Magical yet nostalgic. 

Renaissance Period was important in the history of Mankind -
Leonardo da Vinci was one of the 1st Inventor and Artist to help define this period with the re-wakening of mankind. 



Latest Lolli Clock Rock since 2013 – Chic & Trendy Zone
Designed and manufactured by a local HK Company. 
This has gotten quite popular and colorful,  even receiving the European debut Promotional Gift Award 2013.   Many of its rings and decoration can be substituted to create your own DIY Design.  Let’s support someone local here and the industrial design and ergonomics,  functions are all useful and appealing!      

3 N Half Ltd Innowear – Tech World section
The CEO worked previously in the likes of NIKE and went on to understand that there is a large Health Watch Market out there.   It can sync with your iPhone or Android phone  (which personally, all depends on the Software App).   A recent 2014 founded company also based in HK,  this is certainly worth supporting if they get their technology and software apps right and incorporating GPS either via the smart phone or via itself.  The InnoBand-D here is heading in the right start and even gives you Heart Rates and Sleeping Pattern feedbacks,  a direction iPhone and iWatch are involved in…   




TACS -  also being part of the Chic & Trendy Section
TACS is started by its Founder in Basel World,  Switzerland,  by Japanese Designer Yoshiaki Motegi.   His designs immediately caught my Attention much,  as it is very Humanity based.   Take for example the Nature Series of Watches which are modelled after Nature itself,  or the Tea series which is reflecting the Cafe culture…   I think none of us will digress that his retro Vintage Lens watches really caught our attention,  as is explained below.


Japanese Designer Yoshiaki Motegi based this Watch design around a Camera Lens,  from the Switzerland side -
Someone just asked me online how much this costs,  apparently its only HKD $1580 – $1780 range.  Affordable but very cool,  this probably deserves to win the Watch of the Year for me considering how amazing this was finished and designed.   Red heart  There are a few Exclamation outlets in HK selling this brand,  such as at Kimberley Hotel TST,  Sogo Causeway Bay 10th Floor,  Shatin Yata 2nd Floor,   

Horse Carousel -
Actually this was a little appropriate to the running Clocks and Watches…
Have got to say which was done well this year as an Overall Theme.

Address:  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai
香港會議展覽中心,  8th to 12th September

Ph: +852 2582 8888
Fax:  +852 2802 0000

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