Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hong Kong Day 香港地 - [ Hong Kong ]

  Hong Kong Day is a new Concept by a larger consortium at large in Hong Kong,  it is aiming at creating new food concepts for what I coin as Upper-end HK food,  averagely affordable to the local population but with a core quality that is always guaranteed.   One will find this at Hong Kong Day’s outlets and currently most shops are currently promoting a Teppan hot plate concept as well.   Me and some friends were keen to visit here as a lunch catch-up as I wanted to try out several dishes to share as some lived and worked along this convenient train line.   A lot of people won’t understand my thinking – but to me personally,  I am always training myself alert to develop my business senses and instinct,  because it helps me out a lot in general when we monitor everything in the market and we have to predict trends in order to make it happen before time.   For some reason I found resonance with this group’s restaurants thus far.



Hong Kong Day  香港地 -
I have already been to their other Hong Kong Day Shop in Ma On Shan and Sheung Wan before. 




Interior Space -
It’s the latest food trend presented here which I was most interested in.  
Modernized Hong Kong food but a staple for everyone day in and day out.   I am getting hungry but hope it turns out to be ok good..



Sizzling Pans -
We ordered a couple of these options….
Surprisingly a few were localized Hong Kong Cantonese influenced.  Interesting..


蜂蜜薏米冰 – Iced Barley Drink with Honey (Included in Meal Set)
The lady serving me this said this is with natural honey and not artificial sugar.  which hits the right spot.     ~ 8/10


豬腳薑醋蛋鮮雜菌雞粒芹菜炆紅米飯  –  Pigs Knuckle in Ginger & Red Vinegar,  with Teppan rice of Mixed Mushrooms,  Chicken pieces,  Celery and Mixed Red & White Rice grains $68
This recipe is usually more for pregnant women or people needing more ‘heat’ in their body if you follow Chinese medicine and it’s philosophy of slowly maintaining the balance of body..   Was surprised personally to see this recipe here,  as this is quite feminine and with more ginger and mushrooms too as a combination.   Interesting indeed and it tasted great and vinegary/gingery.    More suitable for ladies in general I still believe!   But I really liked this myself   ~ 9/10

Fully Cooked Egg in the Chinese Vinegar and Gingery Solution -
Part of the above meal 


Cheese and Fried Chicken Thigh with Kimchi,  Pork Belly Slices and Potato Starch Noodles
芝士煎雞扒泡菜腩片,  炒薯粉 – $68
This was very good as a combo,  the chicken fried tender and so were the julienned pork slices.   I somehow wished there were more gooey cheesy though to complete the package,  as is the current trend as people nowadays love to pull more cheese.   ~ 8/10

蠔汁鮑魚梅菜腩肉魚柳炆紅米飯 – $88
This has a whole Abalone,  with Pickled Pork Belly,  Grouper Fish and Half white and red rice.   This was another highlight.  Unassuming at first,  this was cooked really well for a Fast Food Shop with a new concept.   One of the highlights for sure and glad we also ordered this to try.  No wonder this shop has gotten so many positive reviews online lately.    Just typing this up makes me hungry for supper already..   I miss this dish the most myself. 



Price:  HKD $58 to $88
Food:   ♕♕♕♕  - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  大角咀海泓道1號奧海城三期UG65號舖
Ph:  +852 2758 5228

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