Monday, March 14, 2016

Japanese Eggs Tamago Cooking Class with Kei San 杉内馨 - Learning to make 2 Types of Omelettes and Dessert

 We were being introduced to a Cooking Class with Kei San from Hokkaido, together with a theme centred around Japanese Eggs, which is usually absolutely my favourite in terms of egginess and balance of overall taste.  I am sure there are great eggs in Italy and France, even in China and locally in Hong Kong too, etc. But on average I personally did find Japanese are as good as their fruits over the years,  they just seem to be able to work out how to maximize all parts in the equilibrium..

Japanese Cooking Demo was at Easy123 Dining & Cooking Studio in K11 Mall,  Hong Kong -

Some who were Invited to the Cooking Demo I already know for Years, but some aren't as Familiar Faces yet..

Kei San demonstrating the Different Steps to handle Japanese Eggs - 
Kei San is a Japanese Celebrity Chef in Hong Kong & Japan, and also a Qualified Shochu Sommelier.  I have attended quite a few of his events and dinners actually.. He can write in Chinese language better than me!

Un-wrapping our Japanese eggs to make Omurice base -

Beating the Eggs to prepare for our Egg Wraps !  Looking Forward to the results 

But 1st of All, there was a Tamago-Yaki pan, to make the Tamago Yaki or Dashi Maki -
Itself is also an Omelette if you compare it to an Omurice,  with a slightly different wrapping style.

It looks Nice & Moist inside when Sliced Open - 

Time to heat up the Chicken Rice and have it Wrapped around the Egg Omelette - 
Apparently, the key is to not overly put too much rice inside the egg wrap all at once..  That is sort of expected.

Smiling from the Omurice - 
Although we didn't have time to practise making a Tampopo style Omurice, which you slice it in the middle and automatically self wraps itself around the rice.

Inside my Omurice 

Making a Creme Brulee with a Blow-Torch with a bain marie baked Japanese eggs custard,
The temperature and moisture control must be accurate..

Finished Creme Brulee Product - 
In my experience making this, the sugar used and an even hand with distribution of the sugar grain is important. The type of Heat Gun used is also important, as personally I prefer a Blue Flame and Concentrated Flame for control. It is almost counter-intuitive too, but I find the general weaker flame guns to be too much affected by the distance before it becomes blown away by the vacuum air from the ventilators. Every cooking equipment do take getting used to after all!   Cooking takes Experimentation,  and that's part of our fun attending this class.

Easy123 Dining & Cooking Studio
Address: 18 Hanoi Road, K11, Shop 221, 2/F

Tel: 26280616

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