Friday, July 29, 2016

Keyaki [ Hong Kong ] - Yakitori with Real Charcoal

 Keyaki's Restaurant Group has 4-5 different restaurants mostly based on Japanese or Japanese-Korean food,  and sister yakitori place Shiba even has a Michelin recommendation.   For me personally Keyaki might be the most expensive but it is also the best shop,  especially when they have a real charcoal bed for grilling their sticks.

Some Cucumber Appetizers to start -

Happy Hour Beer is $88 for 2 Drinks,
with 2 Snacks included

Hotaru Ika Firefly Squid -
A little late out of season,  this is usually eaten at the start of Summer!


Onion Carpaccio with Shaved Mentaiko roe - 
Have got to say,  this is my first time eating this recipe..

2nd Happy Hour Sake Drink served in the Masu box -

Tsukimi Egg,  Minced Chicken Tsukune Ball with Chicken Cartilage -
Was talking to my dining partner,  in HK nowadays almost all Japanese restaurants think its cool to serve a Tsukune with a raw egg.   Except,  most shops get it so wrong it's not funny.  There should be some tare sauce mixed with the egg,  but nope,  many places neglect this and just serve it with the egg yolk.   It's not only a case of seriously WTF,  but in Japan,  Tsukune often come in ball shapes without eggs too.   I think this dish in Hong Kong really has been taken out of context

Beef Tongue - 
Like the Black Pepper seasoning.  However just like the above Tsukune stick,  I think during this visit,  some items were under-grilled from the burning charcoal.   Meaning they haven't really started developing the maillard reaction aroma.

Grilled Chicken Liver -
Always a good companion with an ice cold beer

Grilled Chicken Skin -
This was the best item on this night,  as it was grilled until crispy!  Always feel a bit guilty after eating this though : P

Price: HKD $190 + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  G/F, 14 Wo On Lane, Central
Ph: +852 23627223

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