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OASIS Prix Fixe Menu [ The Woods ] - Cleansing Menu at a Cocktail Bar with Food & Desserts

 The Woods has been for a while one of my to-go Cocktail Bars. Truth be told there has been many new openings lately, but I prefer a spaced out and quieter time hanging out with my friends rather than a rowdy crowd.   I just remembered I have never posted about The Woods here before despite visiting quite a few times, twice via Invitations and a couple more by myself... If you know about my Eating and Drinking Habits, I would always go back to trusty places rather than explore new ones, since I need some places I deem dependable rather than seeking for new thrill..  I respect those who find new groove with new openings,  but at the same time this also highlights the competition vs rental in HK's situation.  Nowadays The Woods is doing an OASIS Prix Fixe Menu with Pairing Cocktails for $488 - it's totally vegetarian based this time and meant to evoke memories of past Cocktails which were like Elixir potions, and cleansing the body..  Not an expert on the topic but Something to that effect!

Bar Area -

Candles Floating on Waters -
They have always been pretty Creative here and over at The Walrus,  the Sister side Oyster Bar.   The Theme changes every now and then..

The OASIS Prix Fixe Menu - $488 + 10%
Cleanse is the word..  This probably suits Girls more in my own opinion,  but I have to say despite the Health Concept which it is pushing for,  the cocktails potions within were pretty potent Elixirs alcoholic!

Cleanse - Tanqueray No. 10 Gin,  Beet Kvass fermented in-house,  Sake -
The 1st floating cocktail to arrive..  almost Thai like in Presentation style.

Refresh - Ketel One Vodka,  Chlorella 'Granita' Terranium,  Green Chartreuse,  Chia Seeds,  TabooCha,  Jasmine Bloom Kombucha - 
A pretty looking Cocktail that you mix in later yourself with a Lemongrass stick,  it is quite aggressive.  Obviously the TabooCha and Kombucha come into attention, as they are more of a fad in New York these days than Hong Kong.  The Chlorella Granita Terranium was icy and topped with edible flowers,  but ultimately the Green Charteuse sang out the most and quite fennel like...  I liked the idea of this,  although deep under I think it was slightly too alcoholic balanced this time around for a cocktail.

A Vegetarian Pouch with a Hommous Filling -  Raw Food all along
This was one of my fav items.   Someone commented that this tasted almost like it carried meat, as the flavors and the chunky bits within made it filling and nutty meaty.  I thought this would be a great idea for a take-away lunch dish myself!

Revitalize - Bulleit Rye Whiskey, Oatmeal,  Maca Powder - with Hot Stone Treatment 
This Cocktail can be served both cold or hot,  they drop lava stones into it like some Ramen Tsukemen as options.  The Maca Powder from Peru was the highlight to this Cocktail,  tasting almost Malty or Horlick Powder like despite being Root Vegetables based,  the side of the bowl is also coated with this powder.

Vegetarian Sushi Platter - 
The Front Piece with Asparagus and I think some Tsukudani sweetish seaweed on Red Rice.  The 2nd with sliced Avocado.  The Last Piece was a mixed Maki roll with various layers and looking attractive in colors.

There was One Further Dessert Course x Cocktail Pairing to Come after This,  for the $488 Menu -
Unfortunately I had to leave rather early by 7pm and didn't quite experienced it.  It was meant to be a Ron Zacapa Rum 23 yo, Genmaicha,  Quo Coconut Kefir Yogurt,  Acai Berry,  Dark Cocoa Cocktail paired with Ice Cream!  Next Time then!

Price: HKD $488 + 10% Per Person  (Meal by Invitation by The Woods to Sample OASIS Menu.)
Food & Cocktails : ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Ph: +852 25220281

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