Friday, July 29, 2016

Tasmanian Black Truffles until 15th August 2016 [ Hong Kong ] - Chef Andrea Oreste Delzanno from Piedmont, He surely Knows his Truffles

 Thanks to Cucina from Marco Polo Hotel,  for inviting us over for yet another Decadent Australian Winter Truffles dinner.  During my last once-off Wine Pairing visit to here which wasn't even that long ago only a few weeks before,  I didn't post much except on Instagram.   This time around,  it was more about Australia's Tassie Winter Black Truffles,  and if I have time I will add in some dishes from my 2nd last Visit too gradually...

Arrived just before 7pm, 
Interesting how even in HK,  Sunset in Summer Times doesn't really set in until the later wee hours... Dinner nowadays will have to wait until 8pm ish to be darker.  I don't mind this shift,  but just wished the weather was cooler with less saturation !    

Earl Grape Tea with Tea Ice - $68
Apparently this was introduced during the International Iced Tea Day on 10th June 2016.   It comes with Grapes and also Elderflower syrup,  and some Turkish Delight Candies..

Bread Basket - 

Everyone always have their own preferences.  From the Tomato Focaccia,  Olive Bread,  others, etc.  From my Observation,  most eaters were going for the Crispy Thin Bread tonight...

Australian Winter Black Truffles from Tasmania - 

Lasting until 15th August 2016.  This is the peak season for them definitely.   I am seeing more Tasmanian truffles these last two years than the Western Australia Perth Truffles,  no clue as to why.  Tasmania also has really good Green Wasabi,  if anyone is interested in them...  

Organic Italian Egg 65C,  Mashed Potatoes,  Taleggio Cheese Fonduta,  Porcini Mushrooms,  Tasmanian Black Truffles - $268

Eggs and Truffles are said to be perfect pairings,  and then so are Sea Urchin and Eggs.  This was awesome,  although personally personally I believe Taleggio Cheese is an Odd-One out.  To me it needs to be really Gratinated or blow-torched to bring out its stronger bold flavors,  in my books this is one of the most mystical ingredients.   

Fresh Linguine Pasta,  with Fresh Tuscan Sausage,  Black Truffle,  Wild Mushrooms  - $408

This is a Tasting Portion size,  the A La Carte size will be bigger.  I thought this was good,  but ultimately it could probably do with slightly more tomatoes to defeat the heat during this weather.  I think serving Winter Black Truffles from down South from Australia, when it is in the middle of Summer here in HK,  could mean cycles could be a little confusing.  But no doubt this dish was done expertly!

Jerusalem Artichoke Puree,  Halibut Fish Oven Baked,  Fried Zucchini Blossom stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese,  Jerusalem Artichoke coated in Charcoal Black Powder - $458  

I personally thought the Fried Zucchini flower can be more battered and Tempura like crispy.

M7 Australian Wagyu Tomahawk - 30 Oz $1288.  Served with Romanesco Flowers and Rosemary Herbs -

Beef dishes here at Cucina are always trustworthy.  This came with some nice charring on the surface.

Served with a Black Truffle Sauce and Shaved Truffles,  Romanesco florets -

This smelt great and really whet our appetite.  My weakness became apparent here,  as despite being a small eater,  somehow I expected another half a piece of meat again and again : )    It was that good.

Chocolate Ball with Popping Candies was Served - 

I didn't eat any desserts as I was already pretty full.  This Concept is served in a few places nowadays,  especially at Robuchon L'Atelier.  

Sponge Cakes with Beetroot Ice Cream - $98

As mentioned before,  some of the Dessert Dishes here were quite Molecular and Ferran Adria inspired.   It's certainly almost like a Modulus Operandi nowadays, even down to the microwaved Cake Sponges.

Berries Tea - $75

We were recommended this.   We preferred it without the Sugar syrup,  that way it was more sour,  but also more refreshing for summer..

Price: HKD $700 Per Person for Dinner. (Meal Invitation by Marco Polo Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀廣東道3號海港城馬哥孛羅香港酒店6樓
6th Floor Marco Polo Hotel, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Ph: 2113 0808

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