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Urban Kitchen, JW Marriott Hotel [ Macau ] - Taste Of Tradition until 31st August. We started off with a Cooking Demo and the Philosophy behind

 Thanks to the friends organizing a meet up, we came to visit the downstairs Catering Kitchen of Macau's JW Marriott Hotel, which was holding a Cooking Demo for their 'Taste of Tradition' Macau & Portuguese food menu. It is only one of Five Global JW Marriott outlets participating.  At Upstairs, the buffet cost is $478 Mon to Thurs, $588 from Friday to Sunday, it carries these local Macau Portuguese dishes plus many more until 31st August 2016 as a Promotion. So Unique to me this Food Concept.

JW Marriott Macau Hotel's Lobby Entrance -

「品味傳承-澳門土生菜」- Taste of Tradition 
We are learning about the local Macau and Portuguese dishes

Us Making Macanese-Portuguese Chicken by Large Batches - 
Apparently, this dish came about from influences from past Portuguese Colonies: it was being cooked in India, but perfected in Macau. Yet with slight influence from Africa. The latter also spawned off a separate African Piri-Piri Chicken dish which is also popular in Macau.

Portuguese Chicken with Coconut Cream - Macanese style
I tried this a bit and it went so well with rice indeed. Available upstairs at the Buffet Restaurant Urban Kitchen until 31st August. *We helped cooked one batch, hoped the customers did liked it too 

Capela - Macau Portuguese Meatloaf
Shaped liked a Crown or Chapel Top, this is made with Minced Pork, Mozzarella Cheese, Black Olives, Bread Crumbs, Eggs, topped with Juicy Bacon. Then baked in the oven around 180C for 25 mins. 

Chef showing her Hand Molded Meat Loaf -

Capela - 
This was so gorgeous. I have had Portuguese Meatloaf before, but this was just different with the appearance too. As it was sliced up like a Cake this time... Apparently this is quite festive and only available during Special Festive Days, and I wouldn't be surprised if it is slightly Religious based too.

鮑魚海參泡飯 - Unlimited Abalone & Sea Cucumber Rice Porridge in High Broth.
Abalone in Buffets seem to be a recent fad in Macau these days.  I didn't get to try this but apparently this is one of their Signature Items.

Macau Portuguese style Calamari stuffed with Quinoa -
I saw this upstairs at the Urban Kitchen Buffet. Camera eats first yay!

Baked Portuguese Duck Rice with Chourico Sausages and Black Olives -
This is as famous in Macau as it is in Portugal. The version here was done pretty right, with a well Salamander baked top crispy layer, individually grainy rice yet remaining moist under with the duck. To me this recipe is homey, but professional kitchens achieve it slightly differently with their equipment, especially the top layer.

Oyster Station -
Looking very neat

Hamachi Sushi - 
There's quite a few more options here, both Sushi & Sashimi. I was a bit full to try them all... They even had a flame grilled Aburi Salmon Sushi, which can be ordered from the counter.

Charcuterie Platter -
The Roasted Beef and Parma Ham were nice flavorful, thinly shaved.

Lobsters, Crab Legs, Brown Crabs, Prawns, Oysters, etc -
Ok, again Camera gets to eat first.  I ate half a piece of lobster only! Why am I not a Cow/Bull sometimes and can eat them all at a buffet?

I loved their Salad Counter !!
It has Bacon bits, Croutons, chopped Colorful Veggies, plenty of sauces, most of all different varieties of Salad Leaves... I was a bit full but was calculating on the spot, how to maximize my stomach space and perhaps make a Lobster, Sashimi or Roasted Beef Salad : )

Peking Duck Station - Roasted by 3 Chefs from Beijing's Quanjude Kitchen
A foodie friend highly recommended this, and it was definitely worth the hype. Roasted with Lychee Wood, the Skin was aromatic Crispy. Wished I was a whale by now... : 3

Roasted Beef - 
Tarragon Mustard was a nice touch. It shows the Chefs have passion about their food..

Roasted Whole Seabass - 

Live Prawns Cooked Flambeed style with Chinese Wine - 

Tacho, a Macau style version of Portuguese Cozido stew -
Using Chinese Preserved Duck and Sausages, Pork, as a substitute. Probably the most unique dish I have discovered recently..

Stir Fried Pork Tripes - 

BBQ Charsiu - 
JW Marriott is famous for their Charsiu anywhere you go, often sizzling on hot stones with their pour in sauce. Here at the Macau JW Marriott Buffet, it was decent. It could have more sauce as lubrication, but most people were more interested in the Peking Duck nearby anyway..

Salted Cod Fish Potato Balls - Pasteis de Bacalhau
We were watching how these were made, but they are available unlimited upstairs at the buffet too..

Milk Tea -
Using Holland Milk. Very HK/Macau.

Tea & Coffee Mix - 
A HK & Macau style drink. I mean who puts tea leaves or coffee beans together into their drinks, it's like smoking opium and addictive.   Just saying.. :P

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine -

Dessert Station - 
iPhone Camera eats first again!  The overall spread of food was convincing.  Arrive with an empty stomach here definitely!   

Price: HKD $478 - 588
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 路氹城綜合渡假城澳門JW萬豪酒店1樓 
1/F, JW Marriott Hotel Macau, Galaxy Macau™, Coloane-Taipa
Ph: 88866228

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