Tuesday, April 4, 2017

正少食棧 Smart Master Kitchen [Hong Kong] - Good Beef Hor Fun Runs in the Ho's Family

 少食棧 Smart Master Kitchen is opened by the 3rd Generation and son of the current Michelin Starred Ho Hung Kee and also nearby 正斗粥麵專家 Tasty Congee & Noodle. Instead of focusing more on individual portions of noodles and wontons, or dim sum items, over here it is more like a family kitchen serving Cantonese Food for sharing. During our visit we had quite a few more dishes than below, but here is a preview of what we thought were the best dishes..

Shredded Buddha's Hand with Rose and Chinese Wine - 
This cold appetizer was interesting,  as instead of say julienned Chinese Zucchini or Cucumber,  they used a similar Chayote that's more for making soup.  It was refreshing with the rose petals,  and apparently a signature here.  ~ 7.5/10

Fried then Braised Oysters in Claypot,  with Ginger and Spring Onions - 薑蔥焗蠔
Michelin 1* Pang's Kitchen down the road makes the best version in Happy Valley for me,  although I have to say they have competition here as the oysters were plumper and also it's less drier here.  For once,  this oyster claypot dish needed some white rice.  ~ 8/10

古法蜑家雞 - $168 Half Chicken
Traditional Dan Jia 'Boat' Chicken poached in Seafood White Master Stock with Crispy Skin. Sharing linage with traditional dishes like Typhoon Shelter Crabs by fishermen living on junkies, considered slightly more Hong Kong than is Hakka.  ~ 8/10

冬菇炆鵝掌 Braised Goose Webs & Chinese Mushrooms -
The goose webs were quite huge here and braised well, with plenty of Japanese-Chinese mushrooms which are fragrant.  I personally think this kind of dish is done to death and it tastes the same everywhere,  whether its in wedding banquets or any Cantonese restaurant in town, so unless it really stands out in the sauce or ingredients....  but then the family loves this

乾炒牛肉河粉 Fried Beef Rice Hor Fun Noodles - $108
With linage shared with Tasty Congee next door, which is super famous with the same dish,  this Son's version actually performed even better.  The Beef pieces were more natural tasting and the rice noodles had a more sophisticated sauce coating,  with a hint of Wok Hei.  Not too greasy on the plate too,  plus the portion is bigger here as well.  Definitely a must order and worth a detour to Happy Valley just for this dish alone...  ~ 8.5/10

Price: HKD $200-$250 Per Person +10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 跑馬地景光街15-17號怡景閣地下1號舖 Shop 1, G/F, Fairview Court, 15-17 King Kwong Street, Happy Valley
Phone: +852 28382898

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