Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yamm at The Mira [Hong Kong] - 2017 April Songkran Water Festival Thai Lunch Buffet

  April 13th tomorrow is Songkran Thai New Year's & Water Festival,  and to celebrate this event,  Yamm Buffet in The Mira Hotel is doing a  <Discover Thai Taste> Lunch Buffet starting from HKD $308.  I am always interested in exploring the food enjoyed by other cultures during their respective New Years, especially when Yamm's Thai food sections are being looked after by Bangkok's BAAN restaurant chefs for this April period.  

Thai Songkran New Years Celebration - 
Working together in collaboration with San Pellegrino Water,  fittingly..

Miang Pla Too - Station with Mackerel & Herbs Lettuce Wraps
One of my favorites and here provided unlimited during Lunch Buffet.. It's quite spicy too if you opt to, and I liked the presence of the potent fish with sawtooth herbs inside

Thai Beef Ball Rice Noodles with Herbs, Fried Garlic and Chili, Pork Rind - 
This was well received by everyone eating here and many went for 2nd helpings...  I wanted to reserve room for other food,  but still had a full bowl.  Soup base is made from scratch properly,  and no hint of MSG within

Grilled Pork Neck with Tropical Fruits - 
Thai food with some flame licked Grilled Pork Neck meat, with its melting marbling fat taste is always welcome.  This version here is not overly spicy or caramelized,  but more natural tasting type of recipe this day..

Plenty of Thai style Seafood or Minced Meat Salads -
The Laab Moo was actually very spicy again compared to the Pork Neck above, so for every bite here we had different expectations because this looked quite harmless by itself!  There were also other Massaman Curry and Pork Belly & Egg dishes..

Sushi & Sashimi Section - 
Some Japanese seafood dishes,  that I needed occasionally as a palate cleanser to reset my fiery palate from the Thai dishes!  The good thing is that many of the usual dishes still remain intact in the Lunch Buffet.... more photos later

Thai Songkran with San Pellegrino Mineral Water - 
And also with spicy and exotic Thai food

Quite a few Thai style Desserts - 
Including a few made from Sticky Rice, Charcoal Powder, or Pandan Madeleines.
There were quite a few other items available for this April  <<Discover Thai Lunch Buffet>>,  let me update here later tonight..

Price: Mon to Fri HKD $368 Per Person + 10%
Saturday $368
Sunday $438 with Unlimited Sparkling Wine
(Meal Organized by San Pellegrino & Yamm, The Mira Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: The Mira Hong Kong, G/F,, 118-130 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: +23155111

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