Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tate Dining Room [Hong Kong] - April 2017 Spring Menu with Tate Dining x AmorePacific

 Tate Dining Room has recently moved to a bigger premise on Hollywood Road,  and one day I got a surprise email invitation to come experience their AmorePacific Menu designed for the month of April,  which is a 5 Course Tasting Menu at HKD $1,380.  Included within the price is a Beauty Products gift package, which is attractive to potential lady customers and somehow the anticipation and simulation in my mind of a Michelin Star awarded Female Chef Vicky Lau designing a menu for a beauty product brand became an appeal in itself, as this could be something educational for a male diner like me too.

The New Tate Dining Room - 
It almost looks like a Museum Gallery

Dining Space Upstairs -
This is now much more spacious and comfortable to sit in

Amore Pacific Beauty Package included in the April Set Menu - HKD $1380
For me this cross-over with a Female Michelin Chef and a Beauty Product can actually create sparks,  plus it attracts female customers,  as well as being a good reason to take your date to here.

Amuse Bouches are Served - 
It appeared as a 'Floral & Nature' themed presentation.. 

Mushrooms Panna Cotta,  Peas Tart with Cheese,
and a Tube of Kombucha..
Very photogenic

抹茶素麺伴海膽魚子醬 -
Green Tea Somen with Leek Soy Dressing, served on Ice with Sea Urchin & Caviar.  The base sauce was tuned well and not too leek pungent, and the somen noodles were cooked spot on al dente.  This appeals instantly to Sea Urchin loving customers and the 'green' resonates with the Beauty and Nature theme...

Sourdough Bread with Unsalted Butter & Kombu Butter,
Brioche served with Fermented Fu Yu Beancurd Butter..

Grilled Hokkaido Scallop -
With Green Tea Buttermilk, Celery Root & Crispy Perilla Leaf.  The smoothness of the buttermilk was actually quite silky adjacent to the translucent Scallop slices,  reminding one of perfectly smooth skin.  If that was what Chef Vicky had in mind as well..

Lemon Curd Miso Kinmedai 金目鯛 with Kinome Puree -
White Miso Butter. Dashi Rice with Red Crab Meat. Lovely fish and the Kinome gives it a slight numbing peppery note. Very healthy recipe, only thing I might want is slightly more crustacean essence in the Soupy Rice to support the Crab meat Sweetness!..

Iberico Pork 'Pluma' with Beetroot Kimchi, Japanese Spring Vegetables & Pork Jus...
 The same meat cut that's used in many Michelin Star Chinese Restaurants for their Spanish Charsiu, here eaten as Modern French with a hint of Japanese feminine accent.  

Tea Ceremony -
Black Sesame Ice Cream with Mochi, Green Tea Foam, and Matcha & White Chocolate Palets..  The desserts flavors are overall balanced and quite 'Zen' like.  It worked well as a Theme with the AmorePacific product as a story...

Black Coffee - 
This to finish.  I personally thought this was a little too over extracted bitter.  Needed some sugar.

The Tate Dining Room x Amore Pacific April 2017 Menu was definitely Fascinating...
In that it was from start to finish quite feminine subtle overall and in its accent,  choice of ingredients, flavoring or pastel color pairings.  Definitely a unique dining experience on a global scale.  This could also provide some forward ideas and possibilities in the evolution of female chefs around the world, particularly when we remain in an epoch of the Restaurant field and industry being mostly male dominated.  I guess Chef Vicky answered this question with her best practical answer,  with her own assertive yet elegant food style to stand out...

Price: HKD $1,380 Per Person + 10%  (Meal Organized by AmorePacific x Tate Dining)
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 210 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 25552172

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