Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Qingzang Beef Noodles (青藏牛肉麵) - ♕♕♕♕

  The one thing you really appreciate about eating in Hong Kong is that when you’re feeling rich or have won a horse race you can really splurge out for a finer dining meal, but when you need to clamp down on the spending after X’mas or a stockmarket plunge, the street food and smaller shops offer comforting set meals for as ridiculously low as 4-5 Euros/USD.  Talk about budget eating!   And some of them like this Tibetan style noodles shop does a pretty decent set meal from entree to dessert, for only $48 and no service charge!

Onsen Tamago  溫泉蛋 ($12)

********** Next, $48 for 3 Courses Set Meal  **********

香酥腐皮卷 (Fried Beancurd Sheet with Veggies)
Pretty good and crisp here, and not oily either ~ 8/10


青藏牛肉拉麵 (Qingzang Beef Broth and Hand Pulled Noodles)
The broth is actually quite good in a sense, as it has a certain beef bone depth but not overwhelmed by too much beefiness or say cumin spices.  The beef itself was tasty but a bit flaky, noodles are chewy.  Overall, whilst not exceptional but will give some of the best Cantonese beef brisket noodles shops a run for its money ~  8/10


桂花酒釀丸子 (Osmanthus Dessert Soup with Glutinous Balls)
This was done very well. Some places make this way too sweet and with a strange sourness in the soup, but this one had the right balance of Osmanthus and wine character.  The soup was clear but not over-starched, the dumplings cooked well ~ 9/10

Overall, very happy with this affordable Set Meal,
the total price coming to $60 and only because I ordered extra..

Price: $48 to $60 Per Person
Score: ★★★★☆☆
Mon to Sun: 12:00pm - 14:30, 18:00pm - 22:00pm
Sat:        Tuesday Closed

Address: 北角錦屏街27A號地舖
G/F, 27A Kam Ping Street, North Point
Ph: 2151 0506


  1. I see this place combining multiple Asian and Chinese elements (although separate in each) in the multi course meal. It is a steal at HK$48, given the food, although I fail to see what is Tibetan about the noodle bowl. The clear broth and beef cut, with the addition of cilantro, almost make it look like Vietnamese pho. Curious if you tasted star anise in the soup.

  2. @ Beef No Guy - yes you're exactly spot on! Actually I did ask myself which cuisine I should classify it under, as it seemed to me more 新疆 (ShinJang) cuisine initially, but apparently Qing Zang is more classifiable as Tibetan and they do make a Thentuk noodles dish with lamb mostly - which is also available here.

    There is very little spices taste here, and this is definitely a hybrid between Sichuanese, Tibetan, Shanghainese/Shang Dong ! It was so confusing, I said forget it I won't even bring up the topic ~ but thanks for pointing it out !

  3. I love beef noodle soup and will definitely check this place out. Thanks for the rec!

    You are right about the sour-ness of some restaurants' 桂花酒釀丸子. Even the 寧波湯圓restaurant in Shanghai made theirs a bit sour/fermented.

  4. Hi Marilu,

    I still don't understand where that sourness in the background comes from, actually I don't mind it 'personally' but I do question how that taste profile has been formed that's all ! May be its from the fermented alcohol or something like you said.

    This place to me doesn't make any exceptional dishes individually mind you, but as an overall package it was kind of easy to embrace and like. :)



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