Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bomba Stuzzichini e Aperitivi - (Melbourne)

  Aperitivo Hour is a fun activity to partake in,  and is quite similar to eating small Spanish tapas with drinks.  The difference between the 2 lays in the system,  as traditionally Aperitivo bars in Italy charge higher drink prices than normal hours,  but then you are offered a mini buffet of all you can eat albeit simple Stuzzichini dishes.    Bomba Stuzzichini e Aperitivi is a more upscale and modernised version of an aperitivo bar,  and they also follow the traditions by offering Aperitivo Hour deals where buying a drink or cocktail will get you a free dish,  whereas during normal hours you pay for them separately.  It is a bargain either way.


Modern Italian Stuzzichini e Aperitivi bar -



Interior -


Salt Flakes -
Tick !


Free Olives -
Tick !  Quality is not bad too.

Aperol Sour -  AUD $12
Aperol and lemon cocktail,  pretty nice.


Gnocchi Fritti,  Peperonata and Roquette -  Normally AUD $11
This is a house made gnocchi which is fried,  and served with peppers and olives with a grated cheese.   It was quite good actually,  but the gnocchi could be slightly more crunchy ~  7.5/10


Ciao Sophia – AUD $16
Made with Vanilla vodka and Balsamic vinegar, Strawberries and liquor, Limoncello.  This cocktail was lovely and quite refreshing,  with a lot of crushed strawberries at the bottom of the glass ~   10/10


‘Carciofi’ 3 Ways -  Normally AUD $11
This artichokes stuzzichino is comprised of 3 textures,  with a fried artichoke with an aioli like sauce,  grilled as well as a soup.   It’s pretty addictive and even the fried parsley added to the experience.  Shows heart in the recipe and one prob can’t even find in Italy easily ~   8/10


Last Night in Naples -  AUD $16
Chambord, Vodka, Blackberries, Strawberries, Sugar, Lime.  Another fruity cocktail,  and just a little darker from the dark raspberry liquor.  The cocktails here might sound pricy but they’re pretty big in proportion.     ~   8/10



Maiale Croccante – Normally AUD $11
Pork Belly, Parmigiano and polenta below.  Pork bellies can be found in many restaurants but the one here was cooked well and tender with a crispy crackling on top,  and even the sauce complemented it well.   With 4 pieces,  this is a bargain at this price point!   ~   8/10


Overall -
The food might not be amazingly sophisticated but compared to even Italian standard Stuzzichini,  some heart has been put into the recipes to turn them into something more interesting.   The cocktails were also made well here.   Good for an afternoon snack and aperitivo hour -  or as a light dinner !

Price: AUD $23 to  $50 per person
Score:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Mon-Sat 8.30am-11pm
  176 Burgundy St, Heidelberg,  Melbourne Vic.
Ph: 03 9455 1519


  1. Nice local restaurant :) I like the Heidelberg area, they have a few cafes like there ~

  2. Oh yeh I love the Heidelberg suburbs, it is classy. All the way to Ivanhoe. This took me a while to find actually - it's in an odd location aiming at the wrong crowd in my opinion but surprisingly they have garnered a following within weeks!

  3. Did you live far away from this area? :) Its about a 25 min drive for me which isn't too bad hehe
    I find it's a common issue with good suburban cafes and restaurants where they have a better potential elsewhere ~

  4. I used to live in Doncaster which isn't too far, and on the mad days I easily drive over 100kms daily x.X I'm not actually just back to HK but it's taking me ages to back post - as I need to retune the photos a little to do the shops justice :) This is opposite the Leo's supermarket btw!



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