Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bar Americano - (Melbourne)

 This Aperitivo bar was discovered by accident when I walked past and noticed a blue Tabacchi sign in the back of a traffic-less street, as that is a very Italian signage which usually means its selling cigarettes and some sweets and coffee in one place.   Well,  it turned out to be a bar and caffe opened by the world famous Der Raum Cocktail bar’s owner.    It is one of the most unlikely places to recommend someone to go and down some coffees,  especially when it is sitting behind Sensory Lab and Switchboard.   But these people mean business,  as you’ll find out below…





Monkey Gland -  AUD $19
Unlike Der Rhaum,  Bar Americano went backwards and traditional,  selling famous world cocktail recipes in one shop.   The cocktails are really tiny versus the price however, which really shocked us !  



Blood and Sand – $21
Weird how both cocktails turned out so similar,  in fact,  I hope I haven’t switched the photos around although I definitely ordered these 2 drinks!    Very nice cocktail,  but very pricy ! $$$$


What the?  What is the Bartender playing with….
I was sipping my cocktails when I turned around and noticed a strange thing in the dark -  why is there a Slayer Machine in a cocktail bar?    Apparently,  they are trying to be like an Italian bar where the ‘barista,  or bar tender’  does both alcoholic and coffee drinks.     


Slayer Pulled Espresso,   Coffee Supreme ‘Boxer’ Blend -
Using an artisanal coffee roaster’s coffee,  their Slayer is pressure profile enabled in this cocktail bar!!   They even serve single origin coffees !    That’s what I mean when they mean real business.  The shot was very well made,  and the ‘barista’  definitely knows his coffee as well as cocktails.    ~   9/10


Cappuccino,  House ‘Boxer’ Blend -
Another night,  needed a coffee fix and instantly thought of here.   This was a very lovely Brazilian blended coffee even with milk.  Smooth,  full bodied especially when made on the Slayer.   Slightly spicy blend with great aroma.   ~  9/10


The Whole Concept of this Aperitivo bar,
is quite tongue-in-cheek and fun,  we joked that the bar tender is cocky yet friendly,
and super confident of his abilities.   The drinks turned out great,  bar the high price of the cocktails.   The coffees were surprisingly great from a cocktail place,  and apparently their food are quite decent as well.. 

Price: AUD $25
Score:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon-Sat 8.30am-11pm
Address:  20 Presgrave Place

Ph: 9428 0055


  1. But he is damn funny haha! I think it's an attitude I can accept xD

  2. I love that this bar is behind a blue tabacchi sign - just like Italy! On my must go list. Ps loving your Melbourne posts!



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