Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lucio Pizzeria - (Sydney)

  Australia is such an Italian influenced and a pizza nation,  but surprisingly,  there is a glaringly obvious shortage of traditional Napoli or Napoletana pizza shops,  or other traditional styles of Italian pizzas for that matter.   As previously mentioned in the Pizza Mario (Sydney) and 400 Gradi (Melbourne) reviews,  a rare few of these pizza shops have undergone proper Napoletana pizza training sessions and have joined the international V.P.N.  association,   ensuring that their pizzas follow traditional recipes and oven set ups in order to make a D.O.C. spec pizza which is regulated by the V.P.N. association..     There are currently only 3 shops in Australia which has gone through with this certification process,  which in comparison Japan has more than ten times this number!      Lucio Pizzeria is a rare case which is not part of the V.P.N. association -  as their Pizzaioli pizza maker used to work for Pizza Mario and was also born in Napoli himself,  and as a matter of fact,  his pizzeria has been voted by Timeout Sydney to be the no.1 pizzeria up here.   



This Guy and his Oven -
Makes pretty decent and traditional Napoletana pizzas !


Pizza with Speck, Fontina Cheese and Mozzarella -
This pizza didn’t look very ‘proper’ for a Napoletana pizza, as the cornicone crust was not as bubbled up or charred as we’d hoped,  but in the mouth it was a very tasty pizza and definitely tasted like one!   The pizza base was wheaty and yeasty aromatic at the same time,  with the smokey speck ham and two cheeses making it very addictive indeed.   A foodie blogger seemed to have received better looking pizzas when she visited -  so do take a look at here for a cross comparison to be fair!   ~   7.5/10

Cascade Premium Lager -
Love this Aussie beer as usual…

Timeout No. 1 Pizza in Sydney -
During our visit,  I thought our pizza didn’t look as good as 400 Gradi (Melbourne),  but the taste was definitely there and the photo is a bit deceiving.  And as mentioned,  other friends have received better ones and this definitely is a very good pizzeria,  worthy of its No.1 Status !





Price: AUD $25 per person
Score:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Days -
Wed to Mon 6pm - 10pm

Address: Shop 1, 248 Palmer Street,Darlinghurst,  Sydney Australia
Ph:  (02) 9715 7222


  1. I take your point that these pizzas do look great but I think that you can still have a great pizza restaurant without having VPN. I really like a lot of the thin crust pizza styles which are not in the Naples style. Still if Time Out says it is no 1 in Sydney...

  2. Yeh definitely - there are so many pizza styles in the world indeed! I guess I just have a problem with so many shops advertising itself to be rustic, true, authentic whatever sometimes!

    I have a few more pizza ones coming lol, just want to release them with the same theme and for comparison : )



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