Sunday, January 1, 2012

Degraves Espresso Bar - (Melbourne)

 Degraves Espresso is the café which single handedly drew in all the crowd to Degraves St and then everyone else followed,  even the copy cats!    Coffee was never really that great here in the past,  but as an improver,  they have upgraded their coffee equipment and kept switching coffee blends,  growing from commercial coffee to 5 Senses and now uses artisanal coffee from St Ali’s (Chompy Blend).


In fact,
The food here is not bad,  and the coffee has kept up with the trend…




Upgraded Coffees and Equipment -




Pompelmo sparkling drink -




Cappuccino ‘Chompy Blend by St Ali’ -
Milk coffees here don’t look very pretty usually,  but in fact some baristi can pull beatiful latte art here,  they just don’t do it for me!     One of the things that I learned from drinking coffee here,  is that the EXACT same coffee blend and roasting batch made on the Synesso here tastes very different to my my La Marzocco made cups at St Ali’s new cafe Plantation.   The one here is much cleaner and more aromatic even through the milk.   The Chompy blend is a commercialised blend,  but under the right hands and equipment here,  it was quite pleasant ~  8/10




Espresso -
Again,  tastes completely different to the exact blend made at another café’s different machine.  This blend doesn’t usually attract me,  but here it was decent too.   



Portuguese Tarts -


Haha.  Nice tips jar !
This good old café surprised me,
and despite being treated as a commercial café nowadays,
the milk coffees are surprisingly decent. 

Price: AUD $3.5
Coffee:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Mon-Fri 7am-late, Sat 8.30am-late
Address:  Degraves Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Ph: (03)9654 1245

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