Friday, January 6, 2012

Brasserie Bread - (Melbourne)

  This self proclaimed Artisan Bakery recently opened a branch in Melbourne,  being a well known bakery and baking school up in Sydney.  A few of the multiple hatted restaurants also have bread supplied by these guys.   May be it was just a starting up issue,  but the bread I tried at this bakery were aroma-less and I remembered the same brand of bread I ate in Sydney tasted slightly more towards the artisanal side.



Nearer Port Melbourne of town -
It is not that easily accessible without a vehicle!



P1240180-1Some Pain au Chocolat and Almond Croissants -
Looks decently made, even a bit too clean looking and slightly to light in browning colour!  



Cakes and Tarts Fridge -
Reminds me of Le Pain Quotidien for some reason,  although the L.P.Qs in Australia are nowhere near the European or Japanese outlets standard.   Places like Brasserie and Bourke Street Bakery, no need to fear !




Orange Juice -



Cappuccino ‘Espresso Blend by Allpress’ -
A bit too bubbly without blending with the milk below,  this was also very hot,  and this made it 100% ‘hotter milk coffees from Sydney’ hit rate now.  I wonder how a Sydney sider will feel drinking Melbourne’s colder coffees!    This carried a distinctly burnt bitterness unfortunately -  all the more disappointed since Brasserie Bakery actually own and runs the New Zealand based All Press Coffee -  which has even expanded to London since late 2010.  
~  3/10




Croque Monsieur with Ham, Dijon and Heidi Gruyere Cheese -  AUD $12
Their signature dish. I don’t know what others expect from a Croque Monsieur by default, but for me,  I expect a lavish and thick coating of cheese w/wo bechamel sauce,  which gives it that soft and toasted bread contrast when u bite into one.   The version here is more like a dry toasted sandwich.  The dijon mustard was a bit too powerful and the ham a bit weak (or just not enough of it)  and the lack of gooey-ness suggests this can’t be rated like a croque monsieur.  But did it tasted good?   It did.  But the bread as mentioned had a big problem,  it was totally bland in taste and this is already their sourdough bread.  
~   6.9/10

Sourdough Pancakes with Stewed Berries & Honeycomb Cream – AUD $14
Sourdough starters are used to make this pancake,  which gives it more of a crumpets like texture but no additional sourdough taste.     ~  7/10



I enjoyed this, but ultimately, Melbourne is filled with top notch cafes serving restaurant grade food. Say for example Duchness of SpotswoodOra Cafe,   Auction Rooms  or  Richmond Hill Café & Larder,  Birdman Eating others like Hobba,  Café Vue,  Dukes Coffee Roaster,  St Ali,  Degraves Espresso Bar, etc.    I mean the bread today looked and tasted quite commercial compared to Noisette or the Philipa’s you can get down the road,  the coffee was below average.  The pastry selections are behind Sugardough Panificio & Patisserie,  B&P,  Caffe Moda and Chez Dre in sophistication and presentation,  and it is only $1-2 dollars cheaper per patisserie.       Which market are they exactly aiming at and who do they see as their competitors?




Price: AUD $16 - $18  per person
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2  to  ♕♕♕♕
Coffee: ♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri -     7.00am - 3.00pm
Sat and Sun -   8.00am - 2.00pm
Public Holiday - Closed

Address:  150 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne.
Ph: 1300 966 845


  1. Great reviews as always :) I've been meaning to try this place but now that you've given this review...maybe I'll try the other places on my list first! I still haven't made the drive to Spotswood and try the Dutchess of Spotswood even though I hear a lot of good things about it!

  2. I think to me Dutchess of Spotswood is very UNIQUE! The recipes are a little old school British and beautifully presented, although the food might not taste as great as it looks - probably depends on your luck that week as the menu constantly updates!

    I'll definitely pick there over here anytime, until they at least improve the bread here! : P

  3. I agree with you - Croque Monsieur should be dripping with creamy, cheesy sauce. What a shame it did not deliver.



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