Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Neopolitan Pizza @ Pizza Pala - (Hong Kong)

Accidentally clicked on some photos from this small Pizza Shop inside the Great Cafe selling Napoletana or Neopolitan Pizza,  the most traditional Italian Pizza and many global shops adhere to the authentic D.O.C. rules and join a global A.V.P.N association which helps to set up and monitor the pizzerie selling this pizza style. The actual name of this Pizzeria is Pizza Pala.



Pizza Margherita - $85

Positive - Boasting that their dough is cultured for more texture and flavour, it has a nice rim of bubbly charred Pizza 'Cornicone' Crust. The dough had the right taste and smell, it was definitely getting there.     Neutral Side - The Mozzarella Cheese used here doesn't have much flavour, and the herbs could have been cut or torn more evenly as it looked a bit knife cut up!   Negative - The Pizza Base wasn't 'Hand Tossed' but ‘Pushed’ using the fingers, which made the pizza uneven in various spots. The pizza base was also too Big vs Toppings which meant the flavour was overall diluted.   ~  6.9/10


Cornicone Crust -
This was one good dough.  It smelt and tasted like a proper Neopolitan pizza and for it’s purpose,  easily within Top 3 in HK.  If they could improve the base size and other things,  this could be a promising and very affordable pizza.   Note:  Pizza Pala is part of Great Supermarket’s Great Café.




Price: Approx HKD $45 – $90 Per Person.
Ease of Access:   4/5  (MTR Admiralty Station,  Exit to Pacific Place. )
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours -
Mon – Sun  12:00pm - 15:00pm, 18:00pm - 02:00pm
Address:  金鐘金鐘道88號太古廣場二期LG1地庫
Basement, LG1, Pacific Place Phrase 2, 88 Queensway, Admiralty
Ph:  2918 9606

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