Monday, January 7, 2013

越朝 Pho Yum - (Hong Kong)

 Getting a good bowl of Pho in Hong Kong is right next to impossible,  as shops either make the soup too diluted or become the other way around,  inundated with too heavy a beef and spice influence and looking all murky.   If you want a balanced pho with sophistication and all the right herbs,  there’s prob only 1-2 shops which are on the right track.   New addition Pho Yum belongs to this later category.  Chef owner Mr. Pan has competed in the TVB Cooking Competitions and has won some stages.  His pho was one of the best I have eaten in HK,  but it is still not perfect.



Pho Yum in Wanchai -
Only opened recently..


Pho Dac Biet – $58
The soup color was appealing, it was clear but not too light.   A sip of the soup and it was a little too sweet,  but it had layers albeit very subtle.  ~  7/10


Correct Herbs -
Spring Onion,  Thai Basil and Culantro Ngo Gai.   In HK only 2-3 shops provide the latter, which is important to make the Pho Bo soup alive!



Rice Noodles -
The thinner type, this was decent.  The Beef quality was also good enough although the Beef Briskets and Beef Tripes weren’t exactly tender.   ~  6/10



Chef Pan & his Partner does a Decent Pho by HK Standards -
If they improve the tripes,  make the soup slightly less sweet,  and perhaps give out some lime and bean sprouts -  this could well be the best Pho in Hong Kong. 

Price: HKD $58 per Person.
Ease of Access:  4/5 (MTR Wanchai, Bus Stops)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -  Until 23:00pm
Address: 186 Hennessy Rd , 186 Hennessy Rd Wan Chai
Ph: 2366 8868



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