Saturday, January 12, 2013

Café DeadEnd - (Hong Kong)

  I’ve been here a few times  for bread and coffees already for exploration.   To be utterly frank,  the Japanese-French bread offerings here weren’t bad at all but it was definitely a notch or 2 below real French Parisian standards,   but in HK context this is relatively one of the best offerings around and it was slightly better than Eric Kayser HK breads until they do finally manage to solve their own baking problems!   I did enjoyed the longer Baguettes here but the smaller & denser baguette versions at half the size or the Campagne bread were too moist to my liking.    What  intrigued me the most here was the Apple Tart.  



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Bread Offerings -
The viennoiserie side looked good indeed.  But not so much the bread section,  they just looked too cold, dense and under-baked.



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Berries Jam and Butter -
Not bad at all..



photo (2)photo (4)
Mini Baguette -
It was a little chewy and dense.   The larger version was much better  ~  6/10

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Columbian Espresso -
Had this at least 4-5 times and it was rather single dimensional and darkish.   I have had friggin great coffees roasted by 5 Senses before,  also some less than mediocre ones.    I guess that is the latest coffee trend.  You’re either after a smokiness trait or after a sour acidic taste.  The middle ground simply doesn’t get any popular votes.    



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More Bread -




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Cappuccino -
It's a little 1 toned and slightly woody and nutty after adding milk, definitely on the roasty side. Fairly old-school Australian-Italian coffee style especially after flying them into Hong Kong from Melbourne. Think it will fare better with a better Blend and Roasting calculating in the flight time and whatever science is behind coffee? But the Barista here made these pretty well and the milk was smooth! Pity about the base 5 Senses Coffee, which carries a lot more potential in home town down under sigh...  ~ 6.9/10



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Friend's Cheese and Ham Salad -
This looked better than the Menu suggested indeed. Apparently it was pretty good with poached eggs on top - the latter were slightly overcooked.


photo 3 (2)-1
Apple Tart with Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream & Mint, Salted Caramel Sauce -
This was by-far the best product I have had in this establishment. Surface was caramelised well and the apples were cooked until transparent sweet but not dry. Liked the ice cream with real vanilla essence too! Salted Caramel Sauce was a good addition. Apparently has some Cinnamon input but couldn't detect much.  ~ 8/10




Price: HKD $130 Per Person.
Ease of Access:  2/5 (MTR Sheung Wan Station walk for 15 minutes.  Take Bus No. 10 and walk up hill for 7-8 minutes.)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ – ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun  12:00pm to 21:00pm

Address:  上環普慶坊62號地下
G/F, 62 Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
Ph: 6056 8005

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