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魚鮮生 - (Hong Kong)

  When we 1st heard about being invited to do a Tasting Event at this fresh seafood shop – some Blogging Writers were a little apprehensive about visiting here.    However my family friends occasionally buy Raw Seafood from this place to cater for our home parties of more than 10 people - if you reserve accordingly as such,  the Quality of Seafoods and Fishes here are guaranteed fresh off the plane and it is way cheaper and can be fresher than buying it from CitySuper or a dedicated Sushi Shop.    You see because it is reasonably affordable enough, people just flock to here to polish off the stock quicker,  it’s a catch-22 situation and even on a weeknight this was full house.   It is filling in the middle niche market in-between.    The catch is?  I don't normally buy Sushi from here, which is another form of art altogether.  I am usually only interested in the freshness of seafood vs price point and here is where exactly lies their strongest point to me personally.



Tomatoes & Pickles -
The Burdock Roots were ok. This isn't very traditional Japanese but it has it's own market. Much like non-high end Japanese food in Taiwan is really localized yet can still be fresh.


Some Sake to Start Off our night..
Cold Sake pairs well with Sashimi.
I find that warm sake is better with Sushi with rice for some reason.




Sashimi Island for 4 Pax - $300 Each Person
With 11-12 different Items of multiple slices being offered, there is a legit reason why a lot of locals come here willingly to pay $300 for raw sashimi here. The Botan Ebi was super fresh and crunchy, the Scampi was even more surprising as it was also fresh and not limpy mealy.

- 乳龍蝦刺身 Scampi, Head is Fried
- 牡丹蝦刺身 Botan Ebi
- 加拿大海膽刺身 Canadian Urchin
- 翡翠螺刺身 Crystal Whelk
- 吞拿魚刺身 Tuna Akami
- 油甘魚腩刺身 Hamachi Yellowtail Toro
- 三文魚腩刺身 Salmon Toro
- 赤貝刺身 Akagai (Raw, many shops give boiled ones beware!)
- 目仁奈魚刺身 Mejina, in season
- 章紅魚刺身 Kanpachi Amberjack
- 鹿兒島黑毛和種A5和牛刺身 Kagoshima Wagyu Sashimi
- 磯煮鮑魚 Cooked Abalone
If you are Eating-in insist on being served the freshest ingredients to the Manager.
For Take-Out items like we do sometimes reserve everything a couple of days ahead to ensure:



The Canadian Sea Urchins -
You get a couple of pieces for each person and they suffered none of the melting pieces problem you sometimes encounter buying from poorly defrosted Uni. Wrapped into seaweed on top of a ball of rice. This was pretty good.



We had some other Sushi items on the night for Tasting, but I stick by my theory -
The most famous raw fish shops in Japan are Sushi Shops for a reason and not Sashimi Houses, because Sushi evolves into an art.  Over here their strongest selling point is their super fresh seafood being offered at an affordable price.   You can also order Sushi with rice too but if you quote me for that,  I am not going to be very amused.. Angry smile



Ease of Access:  3.5/5  (In Wanchai but off Tram Track.  Use GPS it’s just 1 street away.)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun – 11:00am to 23:00pm

Address: 灣仔活道1號A地下
G/F, 1A Wood Rd,, Wan Chai
Ph: 2574 1238

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