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Bishouku Club Yoshida 美食俱樂部吉田 - A Club for Eating, not Playing

 This new addition to the Central Dining Scene has a name which might suggest it’s a Japanese Club of sort,  however it’s actually the downstairs space of Michelin 1* Sushi Ginza Iwa.   The owner wanted to separate the two levels of dining restaurants,  in order not for this more affordable dining space to affect their Michelin status of the Sushi Restaurant.



Currently on offer is the Aichi-Nagoya Menu for $880 -
Aperif of sparkling Mikawa Plum Wine with Finger Lime, included in the Set Menu.



Ishikawa-Kobo Silk Tofu,  with 7 Herbs Congee -
A very Japanese New Years dish,  although we also eat this in China side.  

Simmered Sardine marinated in Olive Oil and with Japanese Mustard Spinach,
Smoked Kinuhime Trout,
Black Moss Seaweed in Ginger Vinegar -
All imported from Aichi Prefecture and then cooked or smoked here.  Would love to try their other Prefecture items soon,  and Gonpachi in Hong Kong also does a similar rotating concept ~ 8/10



Iwate Hakkin Pork Shabu Salad – *$98
Not included in the set but for extra $98.
  This was quite nice with the amount of different colorful veggies and someone commented on my Instagram,  the shiso flowers look a bit like ants.  A poor man’s NOMA meal haha!    ~ 7.5/10

Sashimi Set – Additional $280
Two cuts of Tai Sea Bream, Chu-toro Tuna,   Botan Ebi,  Kan-buri Yellowtail,  Ikura and Sea Urchin.  Actually this is a good price totally worth upgrading the meal.   I liked the prawns and ikura the best.   The Tai’s two parts do taste vastly different.    Actually we ordered only 1 sashimi plate to share between a few of us but surprisingly most people don’t eat raw fish so I got a fair bit!   ~ 7.5/10



Cup of Sea Urchin included -
Some one on the table made a mini Chirashi Don from this!


Kichimen Flat noodles with Kyoto Kujyo-leek -
One of my favourite noodles.  They eat them in Aichi/Nagoya/Gifu area with different recipes,  this one was in a clearer dashi and with the aromatic and less pungent leek from Kyoto  ~ 8/10



Charcoal Grilled Chicken Wings – *Additional $68 from memory
Pretty Crispy and aromatic from the grilling,  although I seldom see Chicken Wings go really wrong anywhere.  Compared to say Beef Tongue or Tsukune at least..  ~ 8/10



Fried Mehikari Greeneyes,   Angel Prawn coated in Rice Cracker,  Arrowroot Chips -
The cheapest way to eat an Angel Prawn is always via Japanese restaurants,  because in Japan it couldn’t get hyped up at all,  but if you eat it in Michelin Starred restaurants globally it’s sold under the ‘Obsiblue’ label and the price instantly goes up by 15 times,  when they are both the same thing from New Caledonia Smile with tongue out     The Arrowroot Chips are eaten in Japan for New Years too,  same as us Chinese do during CNY.    ~ 8.5/10

Charcoal Grilled Kani-miso and Meat in Carapace,  lined with some Tofu at the bottom – *$98
Saw this and it’s surprisingly cheap here.   The restaurant is also thoughtful enough to give out a tiny bowl of rice to eat with it.   Got to come back for this !   ~ 9/10

Sushi Platter – Additional $680
For some reason we ordered this.  I personally prefer the Sashimi Platter above as that only costs $280 more and I liked those seafood a little better.  Although this is a good price by itself in Central context for dinner as it has 16 pieces,  versus the usual 9 pieces which would cost more elsewhere.   ~ 6.9/10

Another Charcoal Grilled Iwate Pork Dish we Ordered – Additional $180
Actually I also like the Pork salad above more.  Although this has a good flavour,  it was a little dry for me and the ones I tried in Gonpachi and Sho-En were actually grilled much better.   ~ 6/10

Charcoal Grilled Kobe Beef Wagyu Platter – with A5 Sirloin,  Zabuton and Momo Leg $680
My favourite is always the Zabuton as it has really great meat and melty fat flavour yet it is also soft,  hence the name of the cut called ‘Zabuton’ aka pillow.   The Rump was a thin cut and I would have preferred it cooked then sliced the other way around.  The Sirloin after re-grilling is eaten with red wine salt which works a treat.   Fun way to eat some good Wagyu.  ~ 7.5/10


Nagoya Style Oden with Napa Cabbage,  Chicken Wing,  Octopus,  Yuba, etc -
Back to the Aichi-Nagoya tasting menu,  this is dipped into a famous red miso paste for eating.   The highlight of this dish?   The broth underneath mostly as it was sweet!    ~ 7/10

Unagi Hitsumabushi -
The Aichi way of eating Unagi on rice using 2-3 ways.   Originally on rice and then poured in with green tea broth,  wasabi and seaweed.   The version here remember was Charcoal Grilled so it has a more crispy skin and aroma.  Not sure how big the normal portion is,  but this tasting portion was good by this stage of the meal as not everyone ordered this Tasting Menu.   ~ 7.5/10



Fruits Tomato Jelly ‘Amae-gimi’,  with Yellow Fruits Tomato Compote and Sorbet -
The finishing dessert course was very refreshing… It was actually quite green to me but surprisingly the people who don’t normally eat tomatoes tried it and liked it.  For me I like the concept but it’s pretty intensely tomato !   ~ 9/10

By the End of the Aichi Tasting Meal, all Customers who ordered the Course are given a gift from that prefecture.   The key-ring is a little Fireman who is famous in that region.  Overall I found many dishes here surprisingly affordable,  just like their other sister restaurants Sushi Shoukun.  In fact the prices of many dishes here are below OOTOYA and Shirokiya Hong Kong level,  although one minor complaint is that there isn’t a large selection in the general menu, so perhaps concentrating on the Tasting Menu’s will get you more fun.




Price:  From $300 - $880 + 10% Per Person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  29/F, Asia Pacific Centre, 8 Wyndham Street, Central  (Opposite Magnum Night Club)
Ph: 2619 0229

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