Sunday, February 1, 2015

Linguini Fini - At the New Location in SOHO

 Linguini Fini by Chef Vinny might as well be renamed Linguini Vinny.  Apart from his other outpost at Stone Nullah Tavern,  one of my favourite Dude’s Food places but it somehow receives mediocre reviews on Openrice but to me it is one of the best dining spots in Hong Kong and with a vision.  Having been to Linguini Fini at least 30-40 times on a personal basis before they moved,  I have serious reason to believe some things work or some doesn’t,  but at least it is cool! 



Toasted Mozzarella Bread with Clams Juice -
This in itself is already a revelation in Concept.   Yummy indeed even if sounding simple but slightly aggressive…  Clams and Mussels jus in a kitchen is valued at as much as a Crustacean or Lobster stock,  both with slightly different intentions for adding umami flavor.   Here it is made into a dipping sauce for a bread !   Definitely interesting and pushing culinary boundaries…    ~ 8/10



Unlimited Buffalo style Chicken Drums and Wings with Red Pepper Coating and Beers - 
Weekdays from 5-7PM $98
This is a really great deal and although the wings or drum sticks are more on the fried drier side than soaked in sauce,   you can always do Happy Hour here and not get broke.
  Can’t even buy a Burger nowadays at this price elsewhere either.   ~ 7.5/10


Brooklyn Special Pizza with Eggplants and Mozzarella Cheeese -  $278
I have eaten this before at Linguini Fini’s old location or the now retired Pizzeria Pubblico.   This is way too over-priced for me vs the ingredients.   The taste is good mind you,  but I am not seeing the appeal behind it…  Even if it tastes pretty decent.  ~ 6.9/10




Fragrant Grass Linguine – $118
The new recipe switched from Goats Cheese to a Parmesan Fonduta.   It’s less gamey and less pungent within the pasta itself too.   I miss the older bolder version better as that was a more jovial experience.   Perhaps this was made to suit the everyday eaters?   ~ 7/10




Radiatore all Vodka – $148
It’s an Italian pasta which is finned like a Radiator for dissipating heat!  *Sorry the Car Enthusiast in my popping out of nowhere again..    The Vodka and n’duja sausage sauce completes it and people naturally compare it to the Carbone version due to the Vodka,  but I haven’t been yet so no comment.  This one here was likable and for only $148,  can’t really go wrong as long as it isn’t over-cooked in texture,  which it wasn’t.   Very likeable for a daily meal sorta thing..   ~ 8/10

Italian Xiao Long Bao – $168
Ravioli filled with minced herbed pork.   The base tomato based sauce was surprisingly savoury and salty, but the drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar on top rescued this a bit.   Sorry to say but Xian Long Bao is an Art in itself.   Chef Vinny if you are going to make an Italian version,  you will have to convince me harder. Winking smile Actually this is more like a Sichuan Red Oil Dumpling to me too!   ~  7/10



Crispy Black Cod with Anchovy,  Kale,  Capers -
The surface of the fish was so crispy and the meat inside oily and moist.  Loved this dish so much and there was an acidic touch to it to counter balance the oiliness.   ~ 9/10

Dry Rubbed Australian Hanger Steak with Caramelized Root Vegetables and Aioli Dip – $168
One of my favourite steak dishes in Hong Kong even before they moved locations,  just don’t hesitate to order it.   It’s 1 of those days when you find a bargain and can’t believe it.   Lots of beefiness flavour too.  ~ 8.5/10




Caramel Apple Pie – $78
This was done precisely and lovable.  The crust could be more crisp in technicality but actually,  I prefer them slightly soft like here on a personal level.  I know it sounds oxy-moronic but this is how I like its balance myself,  coz I am me, and you are you.   So basically it’s fark you.   ~ 8/10

Chocolate Banana Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce – $78
This was also good but for some reason I found it clashing with the concept above a little bit.  May be it’s the caramelly bit which was a little double too-sweet for me by this stage.    ~ 7/10




Price:  Dinner $350 + 10%  (Meal was by Invitation)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ ~ ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 中環伊利近街49號地鋪
49 Elgin Street SOHO,  Central,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2857 1333

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