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The Pierside - New Lobster and Steak Restaurant in Kennedy Town

 There was some surprise that I found out before visiting this new Restaurant – as one day one of the Owners called me up and meticulously introduced himself and explained how he reads my blog and was also referred to him by a Singaporean common friend.  So we scheduled a dinner meet up with another foodie friend too for the three of us,  and The Pierside is as I found out opened by the same group which opened Amuse Bouche,  Sushi Shin,  and previously I M Teppanyaki.   The Head Chef here used to work in Petrus and Amuse Bouche as well.



Daily Specials on top of their Regular Menu,
Prices here were surprisingly affordable.  According to the boss who was dining with us,  they did a lot of research in London and New York before coming up with this approachable Surf & Turf Restaurant concept.


Looking at the Transparent Ingredients Rack -
One can guess they are serious about the food here,  since a lot of them are branded ingredients.



Warm Bread -
Of the slightly softer variety,  but suits the local clientele more I guess.




US Steak Tartare – $140
The pickles and egg is already mixed in.  Initially I thought this looked a bit simple,  but in actual fact the tartare seasoning was quite spot on.  Not overly acidic like many shops do it in HK for some reason,  which robs them of the beef flavour.   Not here.  ~ 7.5/10



Lobster Roll with US Maine Lobster,  Truffled Mayonnaise and Cajun Fries – $158
A Winner,  lobster meat were still chunky and not overly diced then drowned in mayo sauce.  A big recurrent problem with lobster rolls in HK.   The lobsters were actually cooked from alive here,  as the restaurant wanted to give the best lobster and flavours to the customer.   Best Lobster Roll I have tried in Hong Kong so far as it is technically correct.  ~ 8.5/10




4 Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Cauliflower Puree,  Frisee,  Citrus Lemon Dressing – $140
These were smartly only caramelized on the top side,  so as not to over cook them.  Nom Nom.  ~ 7.5/10



US Maine Lobster Thermidor  (Whole) – $340
This is now increased to 650g.  It comes baked with mushrooms,  brandy, paprika,  Gruyere cheese,  shallots and garlic, etc.  I think with a tinge of mustard.  Very good value for money and cooked precisely,  also comes with some pickles and Cajun fries.  Very good!   ~ 8.5/10




Lobster Bouillabaise with Fresh Caught Fish,  French Blue Mussels,  Squid, Scallops – $680 for Two
One can’t help compare this to the competitor’s version just a few shops down at Bistro du Vin.   Over there it is more fish and crab based.   The version here is more Crustacean base in flavour,  and blended in with many vegetables and also carrying carrot sweetness,  but the biggest difference is this is much more viscous thick.   Very good although not as fish based as a traditional Marseille Bouillabaise stew.   But they didn’t claim to be so either.   ~ 8/10

Look how thick it is.  Nom Nom. 

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms with herbs – $50
This was cooked well,  although for some reason I detected a slight bitterness within it.  But it was still fragrant…   ~ 7/10




US Beef Short Ribs -  Slow Cooked $188
They have an Italian Piedmontese Rib Eye steak here on Special tonight,  but due to so many Beef Short Ribs being popular in HK nowadays,  I really wanted to suss out their version.  It turned out it was cooked very well indeed and beefy…   Me and the boss both agreed this was actually more like Beef Brisket tonight as it’s slightly stringy.   This would totally suit those who love Pulled Pork or Pulled Beef Briskets.   For locals however I guess they want more of a melt in your mouth experience.  I actually quite liked this though because I am rather flexible.   I mean I appreciate Fresh,  Wet Aged and Dry Aged Beef,  I can tell the difference but they all have their own strong points.   ~ 7.5/10




Tiramisu – $55
Gotten really full by this stage so can’t analyse anymore!  I remember I prefer it to be slightly more moist and having more Marsala Wine taste.   N/A




Movenpick Pear Sorbet – $25
Interesting didn’t know they make this!





Ice Cream Toppings -
FREE !   The kids would love it..




Overall this was a Lovely Addition to the Kennedy Town suburb -
It’s not expensive,  and the Chef trained under one of my favourite Chefs from Petrus in town. 
It’s not the typical Chinese-style Western Cuisine,  but properly cooked and thoughtful,  without trying to be pretentious at all.  This is the type of family bistro restaurant you want to come back every week.    Bistro du Vin,  Piccolo Pizzeria and Bistronomique definitely will see a worthy Competitor.   And only the customers will benefit in the end !   Note:  The boss insisted on treating us this meal over dinner and with many happy chitchats,  thanks for the kind gesture. : )




Price:  Dinner $550 + 10% Per Person  (Thanks to the Boss for treating this meal,  He’s so nice!)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ ~ ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 西環堅尼地城爹核士街1B裕福大廈地
1B Davis Street, Kennedy Town,  Sai Wan,  Hong Kong
Ph: 23981838

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  1. Totally agree with you! It is the best lobster roll in Hong Kong! I have mine ordered with mango mayo instead of truffle :) Their lobster bisque is also a nice one, check it out here :D



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