Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Agave Tequila Y Comida ( Wanchai ) – Celebrating Mexican Cinco de Mayo with Special Tacos

 The month of May is normally synonymous with Le French Gourmay.  Ironically, the Mexican’s during the same month Celebrate their defeat against the French during a war battle on the 5th of May every year.   Agave in Wanchai celebrates ‘Cinco de Mayo’ every year as far as I remember,  sometimes with a Buffet of All You Can Eat.   It was befitting that we arrived on the actual day on May 5th,  although this Special Menu will last for the rest of May month.



Photo 4-5-2015下午8 56 13
Margarita on Rocks – $75
To me and some friends,  the best Margarita in town and they have Happy Hour Buy-1-Get-1 Free from 5pm onwards until I think 9pm.   It’s pretty strong so watch out…  I have had it here so many times its not remotely funny.  Such great value for money and nicely tuned,  lemony and salty.   ~ 9/10



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‘Machos’ – $132
Tortilla Nacho Chips topped with Beans,  Tomato Salsa,  Serrano Pepper,  Melted Cheese, Avocado Guacamole and Cilantro.  We ordered extra Chili Chicken for $32.  This was so huge and superb value for money.  Even 3 people couldn’t polish it off!  I think the tortilla chips were a bit flat crispy commercialized unlike the Freshly Fried Tortilla/Tostada texture.  Good news is that every layer had plenty of melted cheese and there’s plenty of salsa and chicken too.   Great value for money!  ~ 7/10




Photo 4-5-2015下午8 32 52
Cinco de Mayo Special – Duck Confit with Sweet Piparra Yellow Peppers,
Red Radish and Tomatillo Sauce – $172 for 3 Soft Tacos
The slow cooked duck had a good marinade,  although this batch was slightly on the stringy side.  The Piparra peppers are my favourite as always because its the same as Spanish-Basque Guindilla Peppers,  which is slightly pickled and more sour than spicy. Overall this was a nice concept.  I add in plenty of Chili sauce myself.   ~ 7/10




Photo 4-5-2015下午8 46 00
Cinco de Mayo Special #2 – Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Tacos,  Red Cabbage,  Apple Slaw and a slightly spicy Aioli $158 for 3 Tacos
This was my favourite tonight and because the pork was cooked to really tender and not stringy,  the marination and braising sauce was pretty spot on albeit can carry a more fiery kick.   Guys would love this more I reckon !   ~  9/10



Photo 4-5-2015下午8 59 27
Cinco de Mayo Special #3 – Tempura Soft Shell Crab,  Green Mango,
Grilled Pineapple Salsa $178 for 3 Soft Tacos

This was fried really well and for Value-for-Money wise,  I think this is the choice!  Tonight’s version however had some slightly undercooked and thickly brunoised Green Mangoes (yes they need to be slightly cooked unless in thinly julienned Thai Green Mango or Green Papaya Salads).   Overall this was a good exotic concept and although not sure if this is still Mexican in spirit,  it remained exotic.   The pineapple and green mango could be more tuned.  ~ 7/10



Photo 4-5-2015下午10 05 15
Queso Fundido ‘Mexican Cheese Fondue’ with Dried Chorizo Sausage and Oaxaca Cheese, Garlic Butter – $128
Basically the must order Mexican dish here if you like thick gooey cheese. Amazing stuff! It comes with Tortilla, but if you have access to some Nacho Chips, they work well too!  Can’t believe this is only $128 as the cheese and chorizo alone would have nearly costed that.  Very authentic although without the flambee on top for flair.  Can this be requested as extra?   ~ 9/10

Photo 4-5-2015下午10 06 00
Unlike a Traditional French/Swiss/Italian/Spanish Fondue all using Different Local Cheeses -
The Mexican version uses mostly Oaxaca Cheese and is served in a Cast Iron pot minus the flame beneath.   Which means you should eat it whilst it stays warm!   I personally don’t mind colder sticky gooey cheese,  I find it fun even when it turns gummy.   So good!!!  Unlike the above Cinco de Mayo specialty Tacos,  this Queso Fundido will always be waiting for you.




Price:  $300 + 10% plus Drinks
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: Shop C & D,  93 Lockhart Road,  Wan Chai,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2866 3228

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