Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stone Nullah Tavern - Brand New Menu with American Food, Bourbon & Craft Beers

 My previous visit to Stone Nullah Tavern was closer to a few months after it’s new opening and with a friend who also loved their food concept.   Back then it was selling more Dude’s Food with a lot of creativity,  very Chefy food indeed and rich and suited my style!   Fast forward to May 2015 and the restaurant of Linguini Fini/Homegrown Foods/Posto Pubblico group has shifted to an all new American focus,  from the more traditional American recipes all the way to their Artisanal Beers and American Bourbon Whiskies.   Thanks to the Invitation by the Dining Group to get a preview.



Photo 28-4-2015下午7 32 28 (1)
Shrimp Cocktail with Home Made Sauce,  Horseradish, Old Bay & Fried Prawns Head – $158
Really large King Prawns and unbelievable for the price!  Great sauces and a slightly Hot Spice with a bit of Nutmeg.   ~ 8/10



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BBQ Chicken Pizza, Jalapeño, Cheddar, Crispy Onion & Cilantro – $138
The pulled chicken was moist and chili-sweet, pairing well with the crispy shallots.  The pizza base was crisp yet bready,  very different to the version available at sister shop Linguini Fini.  Overall this was a really lovely flatbread lookalike pizza!  Super memorable ..  ~ 10/10



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Hokkaido King Crab Legs with Drawn Butter, Lemon, Typhoon Shelter Crab Spice – $318
Chef Vinny’s take on the Cantonese/Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter crab.  It has some burnt spring onions and garlics as per the traditional recipe.   Pretty interesting concept and for me needed more of that chili/garlicky kick usually,  yet with the more subtle sweeter Hokkaido King Crab legs this was quite balanced.   ~ 7.5/10



Photo 28-4-2015下午8 27 58Photo 28-4-2015下午8 29 46
Maple BBQ Glazed Half Rack Ribs with Gorgonzola Slaw,  Dill Pickle – $198
Very good ribs and the marinade penetrated into the soft tender meat,  which too many places don’t!   The blue cheese coleslaw is challenging your taste senses on the side just like Buffalo Wings with a similar blue cheese dipping sauce.  It’s smoked by Apple Wood apparently,  I don’t mind more smokiness to make this very Southern in style too..   ~  9/10


Photo 28-4-2015下午8 35 57
Photo 28-4-2015下午8 44 44 (1)
Dry Rubbed 24Oz Porterhouse Steak – $498
(Back)  Roasted Local Organic Vegetables – $58
Very good value for money for this humongous porterhouse.  I personally thought the dry rub was a little sweet.  I needed some salt to bring out its flavour.   Onto the right spot…  ~ 7/10




Photo 28-4-2015下午9 03 40
Mac n Cheese with Organic Egg Yolk, Chives – $128
This is quite cheesy and gooey,  just the way I like it.  Mixing it with the Egg Yolk made this almost carbonara like.   One dish seemed to have more of an acidic kick than the other.  Want to eat this every day !   ~ 8/10



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Nachos with Pork Cheek Chili, Cheddar, Sour Cream, Pickled Jalapenos, Crispy Pig’s Ears – $118
This isn’t your ordinary Nachos.  The Pork Cheek Chili and Pig’s Ears reminded me of another previous dish here,  only this time to be put on Nachos.  I loved the fried tortilla chips,  I just wished there was a little more of it to scoop up the meat sauce!   ~ 9/10




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Classic Banana Split – $128
Caramalized Banana and Chocolate Brownie and I think 2 ice cream flavours underneath the cream layer.  Surprisingly this simple classic dessert was very enjoyable,  even down to the bright red Cherry on top.  The Hundreds and Thousands with the Nuts and Chocolate Sauce was so nostalgic from when I was little !  American Diner style of dessert.   ~ 9/10




Photo 28-4-2015下午9 53 48
Stone Nullah Tavern -
Previously the food was more Chefy and testing the Wanchai crowd’s acceptance of new food.  Nowadays it has gone more towards the traditional American Recipes,  but still keeping a healthy dose of creativity.   Also note that from Mon to Fri,  Happy Hour Drinks here start from only $1.0 and then go up double to $2.0,  $4.0 by the minute until it maxes out at their normal prices.  Come beat the clock and get yourself some nice American Bourbon.



Price:  $300 + 10%  (Meal by Invitation as Preview,  by Stone Nullah Tavern)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai
Ph:  3182 0128

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