Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MX - New Fast Food Concept

 The new MX concept is like an upscale Family Fast Food restaurant,  and surprisingly the new menu has items such as steamed whole fish,  double boiled soups and a very high quality Hainanese Chicken Rice set for only $48.   I wanted to check out this place because as you might have discovered,  many of the sister restaurants and concepts are actually very smart and it was for me as a food lover and observer,  interesting to see what they plan for Hong Kong with their marketing sense.


MX –
Take,  Eat,  Easy



The Barbeque and Carvery Station -
Looking pretty professional and more like a kitchen than just a fast food counter nowadays.



USB Chargers -
This is what’s required in recent restaurant trends,  well almost.
I have seen them in places like Bao Wow,  Caliburger and perhaps a few other places too,  even at Snooker or Pool Table clubs.




Beeping Red -
My food is ready finally!



Sauces and Water Dispenser -
This is so appreciated and MX is really nailing it finally.. 
We can choose either Hot or Cold filtered water.  So many places make you uncomfortable when you ask for an additional glass of water,  not here because you can do it yourself and refill anytime!




Iced Green Tea with Honey and Jelly -
This is part of the Meal’s options.  It was refreshing and with low sugar,  just the way I like it..




Citrus and Preserved Plum Iced Drink -
This is a very traditional Cantonese-Chinese drink,  but good to see it appear here as a HK concept.




Chilled Tomato with Sesame Sauce – $10 Add On Price
The plate beneath was a little too slippery to cut this.  Overall it was good but I expected it to be pre-sliced for some reason,  although I don’t mind playing with knives myself at all.  ~ 7.5/10



Beef and Cheese Teppan Rice – $50
Actually we didn’t know what to order from the choices but this seems like a good offering because we both love beef and cheese and teppan.   With plenty of cheese it’s always going to be likable,  the separate sauce was good too.   Beef was sliced thicker than the immediate competitors ~  7/10



Daily Veggies – $10 Add On Price
Comes with some Goji berries and Fungus.  Pretty good value and considering this could be your daily healthy meal..  Thinking back this was top values !  Most places nowadays will charge you $20 – $27 upwards for this same amount of veggies  ~ 9/10




Hainanese Chicken Rice Set with Soup and Rice – $48
The chicken thigh requires $8 more, normal to many shops.   Personally I think the performance of Dark Thigh meat and Breast meat only depends on the cooking methods,  but thigh is always a safer bet from kitchens.  The chicken meat was very good and the skin was fresh chicken obviously.  At this price this was rather excellent and in fact the Rice and Soup beats a certain Grand Hotel’s version for me at 5 times the price.   The Soy Sauce and Chili sauce here were also more accurate and Hainan/Singaporean like.   I have no idea why people rave about a certain $280 Chicken Rice in town when it is just expected at that price and their sauces and soup are not as good as here!  And its just street food in Singapore/Malaysia  ~ 8/10


The Chicken was excellent -
Very surprised at the random ordering to get a great Hainanese chicken.   The oil rice was also flavourful in HK context.  Coming from MX too…




Steamed Fish with Double Boiled Soup and Rice – $62
It was good to find this here at MX,  if only one opened near my house I will be a regular.  So homely.  Comes with the double boiled soup as a set.  Great value for money ~ 8/10





Daily Soup – with Carrots,  Chicken Feet,  Chicken Bones, Pork, etc
Boiled well and again so homely.  I think their concept is spot-on right. 
This is comfort food.   This is precisely the food I want to eat 3-4 days a week..




Green Tea and Red Beans Pudding – Add On Price $8.5
We are always happy to order one to try.  It was a bit too sweet but the green tea aftertaste was very Japan-like.   With a bit of Green Tea aftertaste which lingers on.   ~ 7/10   Come to think about it I actually really enjoyed our meal here,  it is considerate and from the ordering concept using a ‘Flashing beeper’,  to the USB phone chargers,  all the way to the Water Dispenser and also the Final Food that arrived.   It was a rather convincing package and thoughtful.   I wonder if they also sell beers here 1 day!




Price:  $43 to $68 plus Drinks
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  Shop 18, G/F, Site 1, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom, HK
Ph:  2620 0180

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