Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bakudan Ya Hiroshima - 廣島沾麵本舖爆彈屋

 We came to Bakudan Ya after my friends were cleaning up their own day time restaurant and simultaneously prepping the food for the next day,  and by the time it finished it was already 10:30pm.  Pretty shocking to be working in the hospitality industry actually,  the worse are Pastry Chefs who get up so early to bake.   Anyway by this time we were deliberating where to go now for what is essentially Supper.  Last time we went to Doraya,  which is lovely too and owned by the same Japanese guy in Hong Kong.   Anyway since we were thinking left and right,  I am not really into Kozy,  and Konpachi is stretching the supper budget a little,   and Hidden Kitchen I just went, so let’s test out this relocated shop.   Bakudan Ya has now also opened a Fried Chicken outlet literally beneath my house in Fortress Hill..  You should totally visit there as their Japanese Fried Chicken are the best I have tried in HK so far.



Specials Menu -
With a few Oysters and other Daily Items

Small Bar Counter -
The shop surprisingly was tight.  I guess it could maximum fit 20 people?   But this is such a lovely hide-out with more than reasonable prices for supper.



Draught Suntory Malt and Dark Stout Beers - $49 and $55 respectively.
Actually I think they were not cold enough for me, even if the glasses were typically refrigerated beforehand already.





Iwashi Nanban Zuke イワシの南蛮漬け - Fried Sardines in Nanban pickled sauce
In my mind I keep thinking this is related to a Spanish/Greek/Persian/Italian Escabeche as the recipe is almost the same with the pickling.  This was nicely done accurate and only $30.  8/10




Chili Miso Tsukemen ‘Ramen’ from Hiroshima – Large $84
This is a famous tsukemen from Japan’s same named shop,  well known for its spiciness and unlimited sesame add-ons.  This was alright decent,  the dipping soup was a little thin but this is one of the rare ramen styles I am unfamiliar with so I won’t judge it.   The Pork however seemed to be layered with miso solution too,  very similar to Kitakata style ramen and may be some others.   ~ 7/10



Hot Potato Salad with Gratinated Cheese – $48
Come to think about it this was my idea to order!  However it was just ok,  not enough potato taste for me although the cheese kind of made up!   The best cold/hot potato salad in Hong Kong I have tried is easily Futago HK’s 3 textured Potato Salad.  That is so amazingly good it’s not funny!  Here  ~  6/10

Grilled Mentaiko – $50
The portion was smallish but in hindsight this almost half-sized dish was adequate to its lowish price tag.   I personally think it could be grilled less,  and plus believe me or not,  Mentaiko eaten in Kyushu is wayyyy more spicier and fishy.  Last year visiting Okinawa and eating some batch confirmed my tastebud hasn’t got haywire.   Mentaiko in Southern Japan is way more powerful addictive!   ~ 7/10


Fried Kara-age Chicken – $15 a Piece
As mentioned above,  they have now opened up a separate shop selling just these Fried Chickens from Hiroshima near my house.  You should totally go there or here to eat them, it was everyone’s favourite dish.   Crispy with an inundated batter coating,  the chicken taste was good too and so juicy!    It’s not cheap but this is the best Fried Chicken we have eaten in HK,  no matter if Japanese,  Korean, American or KFC.   ~ 10/10




Bachi Maguro Bigeye Tuna Tataki (Salt Tare) – $70
This was a generous portion and knowing Doraya the sister shop is a tuna supplier,  I expected a lot.  Somehow the marination was accurate,  but this batch was too sinewy relative to a normal Bigeye Tuna’s expectation.  However considering the price this was ok.  ~ 6.9/10



Kaku Highball – $49
This to me is better value for money than the beer.  Good Japanese Suntory whisky base.

Otafuku no Tonpei-yaki – $60
The eggs were a bit thin and inside,  there’s some…  but not too much pork or cheese.  Overall this was just ok.   The best Tonpei-yaki I have ever tried in Hong Kong is surprisingly at Watami 和民,  which seriously is way way better than all alternatives I have tried and right up there with Japan Kansai’s standards.   Come to think of it tomorrow I will be going to Watami -  YES !   Overall this place is nicely priced for Supper however,  don’t ask me what time it closes…  Oh look I feel nice tonight so let me have a look.   It closes at 2am Mon to Sat !   Sunday closed.




Price:  $240 Per Person including Drinks
Food:   ♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Shop 1103, 11/F., United Success Commercial Centre, 508 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours:  Mon to Sat 18:00 to 02:00am


  1. Hi-what outlet in fortress hill?

  2. Hi! This is the Ramen-Izakaya side in Causeway Bay. The latest Bakudan-Ya shop opened I think only 3 days ago in Fortress Hill, that one only sells Fried Chicken cheers! : )

  3. Hi-where is this kfc in fortress hill?

  4. To Anonymous, it's on Wang On Road in North Point !



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