Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BoomShack - American Mexican Food with a slight Asian Influence from Korea & Beyond

 Owner Chef Austin Fry with partners,  wanted to replicate his food experiences throughout the world as a Concept.  Some of the recipes are American based and there is no denying of the Mexican influence either.   Apart from the Beef Fajita concept,  the Fish Taco was cooked very well.




Lime Iced Tea -


Food Truck Concept -
Loving it even if slightly pretentious.  At least they made the effort to make customers feel at home and comfortable..

Nacho Chips with Avocado Guacamole and Chili Salsa -
No cheese but still addictive due to the 3 different sauces…




Whole Fish with Taco -
This was super likeable with the whole serving of the fish,  just to fill up the tortilla soft tacos.  With plenty of lovely chili sauce as balance.  ~ 10/10   Very memorable indeed.




Beef Fajita with Rice and Tortilla Wrap -
Also cooked well but could do with more caramelization on the surface to bring out more aroma from the beef.   Done pretty well but can be better executed in the end..  ~ 7/10




Lime Margarita Icy Cocktail -


Chicken Waffle with Cheese -
This was so addictive and the waffle although slightly on the softish side,  worked perfectly with the fried chicken and cheese – which in itself are correctly spiced and milkily soaked.   ~ 9/10

Corned Beef,  Cheese and Kimchi Sandwich -
This was quite likeable,  even if slightly Fusioned in concept.



Mashed Potatoes Nuggets -
Almost reminding me of Tatter Tots,  but with a slightly Corn input..




Beetroot Fries -
Same as in Brickhouse where the chef used to head the kitchen there.   So good and non-greasy..  ~ 8/10



Beef Brisket Tacos with Melted Cheese -
The weakest item tonight on the menu.  The beef meat wasn’t very apparent and the cheese didn’t have much flavour too.  But overall presented well as a Concept.  If only they could fix the taste underneath!   ~ 6.9/10




Waffle with Black Sesame Ice Cream -
Dotted with Chopped Peanuts.   Didn’t get to try this as everyone ate this before I could even take a photo cleanly.   Heard it is good though  ~ N/A



Chocolate and Banana Waffles -
Dusted with Powder Sugar.  Again didn’t try this as was too full and this was shared.   Looks promising however..



Price: HKD $150 – $190 + 10%
Ease of Access:  4/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  中環蘭桂坊和安里8-12號和安樓地下B號舖中環徳忌立街22號地舖
8-12 Wa On Lane,  Shop B No.22,  Central,  HK
Ph:  2660 5977

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