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Halloween Seafood Buffet at Harbour Grand Kowloon - The Promenade

 Thanks to Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel for inviting us for a Preview of the Halloween & Seafood Buffet.  This has already started this week and will continue upon Halloween Day on 31st of Oct.  The Lunch Buffet starts from $258–$368 depending on day of visit.  Dinner Buffet starts from $548 to $598.  More details are available here on their Website:



The Halloween Cakes and Eye Lollipop set up -
The Pastry Chef here actually does very good Chocolate Sculptures and Cakes too,  which can be ordered 7 Days in advance.  You will see below.




Vietnamese Single Origin Chocolate Spider,  eating some Finger Food -
The finger is an almond cookie.

Mummified Sausage Rolls -
Kind of cute for the kids..

Pastry Chef Ken Lee created this Halloween Chocolate Cake for Display Only here -
However you can order it or other designs on +852 29968432, 
with 7 Days notice and discussion on your desired Design.  He is quite flexible and talented!



Freshly Shucked Oysters -



Seafood Counter -


Grilled Aburi Salmon,  Tuna, Salmon,  Hamachi and Prawn Sushi  - Top
Akagai Ark shell Nigiri I made using the Sashimi table’s offerings  - Below
The fish quality for buffet is quite high,  the 1st tell tale sign for me is always the Tuna’s fatty texture and redness which carries actual tuna flavor.  This is rare to find in HK buffet settings!  The fact they serve Seared Salmon and unlimited Cooked Akagai (and not the ubiquitous cooked Hokkigai)  is also a big plus..  Even the Hamachi had a good fatty taste.   I am not a buffet person but this section alone entices me back



Halloween Devilled Eggs,  and Meat Eye-Balls -
The left one seemed very popular when I posted on Instagram  (EpicurusHongKong)



Pumpkin Soup and a Lychee Eye Balls Cocktail made with Blue Curacao -
I personally think,  they can slightly carve into the side of the Pumpkin too to give it a face just to make it more Halloween-y !! 



Roast Section -
The Roast Duck surprisingly had a crisp skin,  the White Chicken behind also smooth.  I find most duck in buffets to be limpy and chewy so this was a big positive.  The Roast Pork had a crackly skin.   The Char siu I personally found a bit too lean and not too soft.

There’s 2 types of Shumai or Siu Mai here,  and Curry Puffs -
Interesting as I love both types, one is a Beef Shumai and one is Pork based,  so I personally thought it caters for visiting customers who can’t eat either meat.  How thoughtful is that? 

Sustainable Seafood is Practised,  served Western or Chinese Style - 
I love Plaice.  I think it could be presented neater but it was good in taste.



Roast Beef and Lamb Section,  with Potato Wedges -
The Roast Beef was decent expected,  cooked Medium-Well.   The Wedges could be crispier.   I also need some Horseradish cream with my beef.   Didn’t get to try the Lamb cutlets however as becoming full.


This is the Indian Food Small Corner –
but I noticed there were slightly more on the Opposite side this time..



Movenpick Ice Cream of 4 Types,  and a Waffle Station -
There’s a few more Cake Selections on the side,  apart from the Halloween options.



Kids during the Halloween Buffet Period -
Also can get to draw and make their own Pumpkin Cookies for FREE !

Lovely Night View and the Walk Path outside is gorgeous -  It’s almost like Shanghai The Bund
And as with all better Buffets,  you reach a certain point where you are saturated full and wished you could have peeled more of those Crawfishes or shucked another Oyster,  and eat another piece of Sushi or Roasted Beef !   


For now however,  Time to Say Good Bye with the Halloween Fish Fingers ! 
The most Updated Information can be found at their Website.  Or call up (+852) 29968432 before 31st Oct for further information:

Price:   HKD $258 to 598.  This Meal was the $548 night option  (Preview Meal by Invitation)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  The Promenade,  九龍海逸君綽酒店,  紅磡德豐街22號海濱廣場二期地下
The Promenade,  Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel,  G/F, Two Harbourfront, 22 Tak Fung Street, Hung Hom,  Hong Kong
Ph: (+852) 29968432

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