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Part 2. Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom, Hengqing Bay, Zhuhai 珠海长隆 海洋王國 -

 As mentioned in the Part 1 review,  reaching Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom,  is just a matter of crossing over from Macau’s Cotai side near Galaxy or say Sheraton Towers,  The Venetian or City of Dream,  now even the newly opened JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton.  However you do need a Chinese Visa to enter nearby Zhuhai.   This second review talks more about the Ocean Kingdom Amusement Park side and other Entertainments such as more Eateries and their Circus.



The Polar Bear Park -

There are 3 types of Warmer climate Bears outside -
For RMB 20,  you can buy some Potatoes and Vegetables and feed them – but the girl selling them told us a trick to attract their attention.   You have to keep waving it to them for a few minutes before they notice you!   They really ain’t always concentrating,  and then suddenly when they see you they will wave back begging for you to throw them food !  Really one of the funniest animals I didn’t know about all these years!  Miss them..

Inside,  1 of 2 Polar Bear Displays -
Its cold inside just like the Penguin Park,  around 10-15C,  so bring extra clothes

Who threw Apples over my Head?   The Feeder !
Didn’t know they eat apples too..

Taking a Rest with the Ice on my back -
Its so comfy for a long Summer in 2015


The Biggest Aquarium in the World -
It really is huge walking the deep labyrinth deep under..



This is the entrance Tropical Fishes Tank -


Stingray -
Do you see another Leopard skin like one beneath it?   There is actually another outdoor Stingray Park outside without cover,  but my advice is not to touch them by hand even if it is within reach.  Some people trying to do that scared the stingray..

Sharks -
One of the longest surviving animals in the world..
There must be for a reason

Deep under is the Largest Aquarium in the world -

The Whale Shark -  is the largest Shark specie in the World
Here it is being fed and the smaller fishes like to surround it, 
in case the Whale Shark drops any of their feed so they can benefit from it.


Underneath the same World’s Largest Aquarium -
You see life from the ‘below’ angle of the Ocean participants emulating the bottom seabed

This Sting Ray specie had a lovely ‘necklace’ look -
What’s really funny was it was sticking to the piece of glass and always following the humans,  we were saying it was trying to murmur something to us !! 


This is actually actually from the Penguins Pavilion. We could not work out why one Penguin was beating the other on the head haha!



A smart Beluga Whale who knew of our presence – which has nothing to do with Beluga Caviar, which is a reference to Beluga Sturgeons



They are some very Mysterious Sea Creatures in our World !



Back to the Outside,  we will be taking the Boat on the Canal back to a Hotel for Dinner -

Arriving back to the Main Chimelong Hotel -


Sushi Bar Counter -

RMB 548 for 7 Courses Japanese Dinner for 1 Person at Mizu Japanese Restaurant,
it includes a Ticket into the Ocean Kingdom Park, and also the Water Park,  which one by itself is around RMB 340 or HKD 450,  so this provides great value -
There is an additional Teppanyaki Vegetables dish I didn’t take Photo of..

This is in Chinese,  but they have English Menus -
RMB 548 gets you a 7 Course Set Meal plus Free Ticket worth around RMB 340 into the Ocean Kingdom Amusement Park, also the Water Park. Pretty good bonus deal.  Although if you booked a Total Tour Package,  this might be less relevant for your usage.   2ndly My recommendation is that if you came as a Tour Package with the Family instead,  you can try the 2-3 Chinese restaurants inside the different hotels,  since Zhuhai is famous for their local seafood and we found the prices very reasonable too. 

Time to Go to the International Circus Show -
Ticket prices are also around RMB 350 range.  Again if you came as a Tour Package like us,  it should mostly be included.   Some packages start at around RMB 1300–RMB 1500 depending on Season and Package.  I saw the individual hotel prices as low as around RMB 250–550 online during the off-peak season,  so do look around or ask Travel Agents.

The International Circus Starts -
Actually all of the Actors and Acrobats are foreigners,  and the Standards are very high. 
Interesting they all only speak English.   I wonder how many local Mainlander attendees understood it,  but I guess Circus is more about body language and show. 


These Jugglers were amazingly Synced and it became even more and more complex and with great music…



This is the Circus Hotel,  next to the International Circus Venue -
Value for Money is the highest here for me personally.  The rooms are colorful and the restaurants here are good especially their Chinese Restaurant.   Penguin Hotel opposite is cheaper and the Kids will probably like there more,  but it can become a bit rowdy.  Here it might be more tranquil.

Chinese Restaurant inside Circus Hotel -
Look at all the local Zhuhai seafood specialties,  some are very unique for this Delta Region,  some are similar to Macau side.  Prices very reasonable – we ate heaps and the bill per person was only RMB 100 with plenty of seafood and soups,  vegetables.   And it was superb!

The Menu inside Circus Hotel’s upstairs Chinese Restaurant -
Most dishes including seafood start from around RMB $48-68.
Highly recommended.  In fact last time I came for a Wedding Fair,  in the main Chime Long Hotel I tried another similar Cantonese Restaurant which was also very well done and affordable considering this is inside a Hotel(s). 


On the last Day,  I went back to Penguin Hotel for Breakfast -
Since they have a Penguin Display too inside their Restaurant,  with 88 different species penguins.
I just got a bit curious as to how this Penguin side differs from the one inside the Ocean Kingdom Amusement Park..


The Breakfast Buffet is mostly Chinese food here surprisingly,
a bit different to the Breakfast Buffet I had last time in Chimglong Main Hotel side -
Although carrying Multiple Chinese regional dishes,  which some recipes are difficult to find in Hong Kong side.   It’s fun to have a meal with Penguins playing and jumping about you.   Wonder if it makes for high maintenance since there is already a Penguin Pavilion inside the Ocean Kingdom!  But even there there is no restaurant to sit down,  so this side can be an Buffet plus Penguin alternative


Address: China, 广东省珠海市横琴长隆国际海洋度假区
Chime Long Ocean Kingdom,  Hengqing Bay,  Zhuhai,  China.  Next to Macau.
Province: Guangdong Province
Phone: +86 756 299 3333

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