Thursday, October 15, 2015

Part 1. Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom, Hengqing Bay, Zhuhai 珠海长隆 海洋王國 - A 2nd Visit within 2015

 I visited here twice within 2015 for two different reasons,  the 1st time was for a Wedding Fair.  The Chime-Long Ocean Themed Park and its 3 hotels are actually a listed Company in China and one of the biggest growing entertainment companies in Asia.    This specific Park is located within 横琴 Hengqing,  which just overlooks Macau side since Hengqing is divided into both Macau & China territories.   It takes only 10-20 minutes to arrive from Macau’s Hengqing Immigration side,  this Zhuhai Entertainment Park is virtually just sitting opposite of the same river as Macau’s Cotai side.  Very conveniently located and so close to say Macau Galaxy Hotel,  Ritz Carlton or Sheraton,  Conrad,  Hilton and City of Dreams including Grand Hyatt,  Crown,  Hard Rock Cafe.   It makes for a very good 1-2 day trip !

Entrance Lobby of the Main Hotel -
There are 3 of them actually.   I have stayed in 2 of them separately – the main Hotel and also Penguin Hotel



The Dolphins and Sea Tortoise  -
This area is restricted to guests but the dolphins are so human friendly.   Always making noises from their blow holes when they approach you…



View from the Main Hotel upper floor -



Vicky from Phoenix Skyscape Magazine 鳳凰天空 – for Photo Shooting
She will also write separately of her experience here I heard.




Visiting the Ocean Theme Park -
This will be my next review but there will be some previews below,  it actually carries the largest Aquarium in the world too.  

Spaghetti Bolognese and Penne Carbonara – Part of the Buffet at Ocean Restaurant
As a Foodie I understand they are not really true Italian recipes,  but looking at them as it is cooked,  both were surprisingly done very well and my 2nd time having them too.  ~ 9/10


Unlimited Bread Crab and Lobster Claw -
Part of the Lunch Buffet downstairs and I have to say this was organized very well,  especially considering this is China we are talking about in Zhuhai.   Will give many International Buffets a run for its money and 2nd time I have had this over.

Cold Sesame Noodles with Dumplings and Beef Shin -
All part of the unlimited Buffet.  It was quite thoughtful and there’s many more I tried over the 2 visits…  ~ 8/10


Unlimited Suckling Pig,  I put it onto Conpoy Fried Rice -
This was so good and crispy.  Certainly didn’t expect this food quality at a buffet,  but over 2 times of my visits,  this was consistent.  Will try to upload more Photos when I find my pics on my other phone and update here on this website soon..  ~ 9/10



Staying at the Penguin Hotel this time around -

The Rooms are alright -
Spacious but so many kids and children around, 
You do have to think positively and only if you love kids any time of the year..



Inside the Penguin’s Rooms -
Apart from the noise insulation issue,  this was pretty pleasing..




We are onto the Ocean Amusement Part nearby -
The LED Screen is cool and I keep thinking its Chanterelles/Girolles on the right. 

Octopus and Boom Boom Cars -
We were always entertained by the Ocean and Amusement Park,  my next separate Post.

The various Penguin species -
More on the next post to explain their Park Theme,
and so close to Hong Kong and Macau as a family resort on the weekend or weekdays..



    Address: China, 广东省珠海市横琴长隆国际海洋度假区
    Chime Long Ocean Kingdom,  Hengqing Bay,  Zhuhai,  China.  Next to Macau.

    Province: Guangdong Province
    Phone: +86 756 299 3333

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