Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cucina, Marco Polo Hotel - New Italian Chef Andrea Delzanno

 Thanks to Marco Polo Hotel for inviting a few of us over to experience the New Chef’s menu as a preview.   Cucina as explained in previous reviews,  at the beginning served both Italian and Chinese dishes when I first visited by myself,  totally befitting the Marco Polo namesake for the connection between Chinese and Italian routes and cultural exchange.  Gradually it became a pure Italian Restaurant and I still remember vividly their backyard Herbs Garden.   Nowadays they have welcomed a new Chef Andrea Delzanno.   We were invited over to sample the New Menu and although as they say Invitations ain’t always the truest indication,  as you have to test the kitchen by surprise visits,  here is what I thought of tonight’s meal anyway for your own extrapolation.



As Usual,  One of the Grandest Night Views from Harbour City looking over at Hong Kong Island side -
This eye level view is one of the best sights in town after all these years..


unnamed (3)
Runny Pugliese Burrata cheese,  Fresh and Sun-Dried Tomato.  With 24 Months Aged Parma Ham,  Basil & Balsamic Vinegar drizzling -
Perfect for this cooling but still hottish weather.   The Burrata cheese was pretty creamy and cheesy tasteful,  which in Hong Kong usually can be Hit-and-Miss sometimes.  Here it was pretty good indeed.   ~ 8/10


unnamed (2)
Sicilian Gamberi Rossi Red Prawns,  Prawn & Cherry Tomatoes Reduction sauce
with a Hint of Chili on Linguine Pasta - $298

This is actually the tasting portion size and the normal price includes 3-4 Prawns,  great value.  Very good texture and fresh oceanic taste,  and for Sicilian Prawns they are quite huge too, even bigger than most Spanish Palomos. I personally think the base sauce can handle even more Crustacean taste but some people might then find it too strong indeed?!   ~ 7.5/10



unnamed (1)
Piedmont style 88C 8 Hours slow cooked Wagyu Beef Cheek Guancetta,  with Barolo Red Wine Sauce,  Porcini Mushrooms & Pumpkin Purée - $368
Very moist tender, better than many places doing similar.  Although this is expected by default,  not many places get this right,  not even L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon HK outlet after a few tries.   ~ 8/10

unnamed (4)
South Italian Mediterranean Seafood Stew with Scorpion Fish,  Mussels,  Clams,  Prawn,  Scampi,  Squid,  Scallops. 
Served with a Garlicky Toast - $468  
Quite viscous thick and concentrated in ocean flavours, I like how this wasn't just dominated by one type of Seafood in taste but balanced between Molluscs,  Fish meat & bones with Crustacean Shells with Tomatoes.  Bread a bit hard this time however.  Reminiscent with a Marseilles Bouillabaisse,   which they share similar origins in the Mediterranean's  ~ 8.5/10 

Caramelized Napolean with Custard Creme,  Raspberry Coulis Splash & Mixed Berries - 
Very buttery flaky and the berries help to make it less filling.  The pastry was super fresh flaky and you would have expected this to come out of a French Pastry kitchen instead of an Italian one.  But here in local HK context,  this was absolutely hard to beat in execution,  taste and balance.  Encore!   ~ 10/10

Price: HKD $500-700  Per Person for Dinner.  (Meal Invitation by Marco Polo Hotel)
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀廣東道3號海港城馬哥孛羅香港酒店6樓
6th Floor Marco Polo Hotel,  Canton Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2113 0808

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