Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Butter Crumbs Online Pastry Cake Shop – New Victoria Chocolate Cake

 Butter Crumbs from  is owned by a Talented Pastry Chef and Teacher,  who supplies her pastries and cakes to some of the top artisanal Cafes and Restaurants in Hong Kong,  including places like Sensory Zero and some very famous Cafes in town behind the background,  many items meticulously designed to suit her clients’ needs.   Her Pastry Team also take in orders from Customers directly,  just contact them at Email: or via Whatsapp or Phone on +852 54189613 or 96986879 for more details.  Orders need 4 days advanced notice.   There are many other cake designs so please feel free to talk to Zie directly or her assistants.   You can also follow her Instagram:  ButterCrumbs9 , or Facebook: Butter Crumbs to see her latest creations.




The new Victoria Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Fudge,
Fresh Figs and Berries with Meringue Drops – $460 4” 1.6 Pounds
This has a Chocolate Sponge Cake sandwiched with Mascarpone Cheese,  topped with a Salted Caramel Fudge.  Topped with Figs and multiple Berry Fruits.  It looks pretty and we were keen to try it out below as a Birthday Cake !   Delivery was prompt and handed over at an MTR Station..


This was our Surprise Cake for the Birthday Girl -
Everyone seemed happy to see such a pretty cake,  and sure enough even the fruits and meringue also decorated the side as the original Photo shows.   We all loved how the inside of the cake was chocolaty and moist,  with a slight cheesy taste.  Yum yum!   The Salted Caramel on top was quite fudge like and carrying the currently trendy dripping look.   The figs and fruits were of good fresh quality.   We were very happy with the cake,  it makes for a great Celebratory occasion and most importantly because this is not mass produced,  the formula doesn’t take short cuts like Commercialized cake shops  -  this explains why the quality was top notch and inside was tasty yet moist.    Actually although a commercial secret,  I think probably more than a quarter of the HK Population has tasted her creations before without knowing it : )



For Contact or to Place Order with 4 Days in Advance:

WhatsApp or Phone:  +852 54189613 or 96986879

Instagram:  ButterCrumbs9
Facebook:  Butter Crumbs


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