Tuesday, December 1, 2015

One Dim Sum 一點心 - Ex-Michelin Star Dim Sum? Very Average, Yet Ever So Popular

 I am acutely aware of the overseas publications which used to directly compare One Dim Sum vs Tim Ho Wan,  since during the beginning inauguration of the HK Michelin Guide,  both small hole in the wall shops were equal recipients of Michelin 1* status.   Since then Tim Ho Wan standards have dropped majorly even before it started expanding overseas.  As for One Dim Sum?  It was never that good in the 1st place,  to the point I didn’t even recall having eaten at the North Point outlet before that closed,  leaving the sole original Prince Edward shop. 



Nowadays,  Many Tourists line up -
Just like Tim Ho Wan.   That’s the power of having overseas publications covering you with a sensationalized story.  Many locals meanwhile don’t rate it much,  some whom I talk to even dislike here..



The Menu -
However not every item is available daily.



Chaozhou or Chiu Chow Fun Guo – $15
With Cassava,  Peanuts,  Radish,  Pickles, Chives, Pork, etc.  The Skin was a little sticky and quite pliable,  but the skin too thick overall.  The cassava pieces were diced very big yet quite raw,  which could be a textural contrast – if I didn’t know cassava is toxic if eaten raw,  but I do!   ~ 7/10


Har Gow – Prawn Dumplings $26
These looked neat with the pleating initially.  The prawn pieces inside were generous.  The dumpling skins were a little too chewy however.  Probably the best item still.  The original Tim Ho Wan was much better,  unfortunately all the new Tim Ho Wan’s just aren’t the same so its hard to compare the present with the past.   ~ 8/10



Beef and Coriander Cheung Fan – $18
In hindsight this was decently priced.   The rice skin was average – not translucent thin,  nor much rice taste.  The part which made it not as enjoyable was definitely the folded layer below,  which was too thick.  The beef filling looked generous but good luck picking it out as beef.  By this stage,  all the MSG effect was rushing in and numbing my tongue,  which confirms my suspicion upon my 1st bite as MSG taste is quite apparent and unnatural.    ~ 6.5/10



Always Packed,  with Long Queues -
For me I have eaten at here and their ex North Point store quite a few times.  It is to me average, its not bad per se, but the MSG and rude service killed it for me.   Many of the newest Dim Sum Specialty Shops opened after here and Tim Ho Wan serve better quality easily.  You could just randomly walk into one and bet that they serve better,  as the world updates itself..  And where is the Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong?   Well you get what you pay for,  most of them are still inside the 5-6 Star Hotels..




Price:  $54 + 10% Per Person
Food:   ♕♕♕ 1/2 to  ♕
♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  太子運動場道15號京華大廈地舖1-2號
Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward
Ph: 2789 2280

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  1. i didnt do THW in HK but i didnt enjoy my meal there at its cahtswood sydney branch. As for One dim sim, i quite liked this place!



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