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Portugalia Cervejaria 葡多利 [ Macau ] - Beer House from Portugal. Snow balling the authentic Portuguese Food movement right back to Macau

 Portvgalia with the ‘v’ replacing the ‘u’,  used to be a half a Century old Beer House in Portugal side.  To Celebrate their 90th years of opening they decided to open a branch in ex-colonial state Macau side.  Having walked passed here a few times and hearing good reviews,  and they were also at the Macau Food Festival when I tried some separate dishes (Review:  http://www.hkepicurus.com/2015/11/15th-macau-food-festival-macau-13th-to.html ),  here we decided to arrive for dinner to verify its authenticity.


Explaining the History behind Portugalia -
As the name Cervejaria suggests this was a beer house,  its very similar to Spanish and Italian concepts. 




Lenda Wine – MOP $175
Under the New World Wines section but also under Portuguese designation. 


Home Baked Bread – MOP $10
This is quite Sour Dough like in aroma but harder than the norm dense.  Baked in-house.  I don’t think this type of bread appeals much to Asians,  as it was quite heavy,  but personally it was right up my alley.  Only if I have enough quota to eat some heavy bread though..


Portuguese Bread Crab with Eggs and Mayo – $MOP 95
They said this is a Signature dish, so we ordered as a sucker.   It was better than expected indeed with plenty of Crab and Prawn meat on top of the Mayo or Aole style sauce.    Obviously not as encapsulating as the Spider Crab served at HK Casa Lisboa (Review:  http://www.hkepicurus.com/2015/12/casa-lisboa-rare-mediterranean-seafood.html )  But this was value for money for the taste indeed.  ~ 8/10


USDA Steak Sirloin,  served with a Secret Buttery Sauce,  Fried Egg and French Fries – $190
This is their Signature dish here and the Shop name of ‘Portugalia’ is named after this indeed.   Knowing me I am hard to please and many people hate me for being too particular,  but see if I care haha.  The Buttery sauce was good,  but the steak was missing the grilling aroma or flavour..   ~ 7/10  



The Fries -
They to me were fried very well and potato-y,  probably better than the Steak itself.  But for this price point not much complaint I guess. ~ 8/10


Prawn Rissols/Rissoles/Rissois – $10 Patacas MOP each
Beef Croquette with Mustard $10
The Prawn Rissois are cheap but the batter skin was a bit hard,  and missing some prawns taste compared to the best rivals in Macau town.  The Beef Croquettes with Mustard to me also fascinating as they appear to me more of a Belgian/Holland Flemish food,  rather than Spanish influenced.  But somehow it caught on separately in Portugal side.  Of course,  there might be other Influences I might not be aware of as to why this caught on as a trend there..   ~ 7/10

Salted Caramel Creme Pudding with Port Wine-
Similar to a Creme Caramel,  or Egg Flan.  Served with Port Wine reduction.  Hard to pinpoint to it’s origin as micro-regions serve similar but different.  Here it was quite Burnt Caramel-ly and slightly Bitter,  very eggy but not overly burnt.  Correct Balance to me if there is such a subjective term.  Or call it just the way I like it served  ~ 8.5/10   Will be back to try other dishes soon.

Price:  $350 + 10% Per Person with Wine Included 
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: G/F, 5 R. dos Negociantes, Vila de Taipa, Macau
Ph:  +853 6280 3992

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