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MIC Kitchen, Michelin 3* Bo Innovation’s Sister Restaurant at an Affordable Price [ Kwun Tong ] -

 MIC Kitchen is another arm of the famous Mitchelin 2-3* Bo Innovation,   by a rather capable yet sometimes arrogant Devil Chef Team by Alvin Leung.   I think he is an improver every year and this is one thing I admire about him and his kitchen,  also his London ventures and concept.    I remember last time I covered here officially was when they were still called MC Kitchen,  but some International Corporation via none other than McDonald’s gave them a lawsuit with naming rights,  which was inconvenient.   May be it is just a corporate decision so I can’t decide.   鏞記酒家 Yung Kee Restaurant as many foodie might have heard news today is trying to closing down after 60+ years of history due to some lawsuit.   My last review of there was just recently: ( )  You can’t help everyone in this world is my own experience.  Lawsuits suck,  even if it means killing off your own Family History sometimes…   Sorry I have been eating at Yung Keen since I could barely walk and this issue really strikes to my heart.  Anyway it is nothing compared to the Homo Sapiens or the different human evolution who have walked on this Earth since 200,000 years ago.  Always sad to see a family split up into disarray,  and when people don’t treasure their ancestry.  Over here the spirit remained intact as a concept..

Some Very Well Baked Bread -

I swear even just 3 years ago,  I could not find bread of this good quality anywhere in town.  We all need to improve and I loved them here.  No more Truffled or Kaffir Lime Leaf dip,  this time it became a more normal cleanser starter.    Thanks to FeedMeGuru App on iPhone and Android for organizing a wonderful meal again…

A White German Dry Riesling -

A House designed Wine.

Menu and X'Mas Menu -

The longer X'Mas menu is only $888 + 10%.  A real bargain to us.

Kimchi Panna Cotta,  Hokkaido Sea Urchins,  French Caviars.  Fried Vermicelli.  With Australian Coffin Bay oysters which to me are slightly off season in theory,  but Briny salty and with Modern Technology are maintained right-

The Spicy heat from within the kimchi was released over time and I appreciate this rather than hitting your palate upfront.  The rest is history.  Different regional ingredients,  all packed together.   It’s not too fusion in Food Concept though,  just only fusion in Food Ingredients to me to strike a balance.  Lovely!  ~ 9/10

Blue King Prawn ‘Har Mi’ oil on Home Made noodles,  with Crustacean Oil -

Had this a couple of times already but usually its Mediterranean Red Prawns based and with 2 prawns.  This time around it was still very good and so fragrant,  in fact this has been better than my visits to Bo Innovation somewhat.   Red Prawns will still fare better for a price but overall vs costs,  this was one of the best in town.  ~ 9/10

36 Hours Beef Consomme set Pho Jelly Noodles,  Fried Beef Tripes,  Pickled Shallots,  Coriander Gel,  Thai Basil Powder and with Japanese Saga Wagyu - 

The Chefs came back from Toronto and I stipulate that this strikes at their heart as something they grew up from.  Coz someone from Hong Kong and Australia feels exactly the same..  The Fried Tripe was a bit too hard at the Centre Ridge.   As I said more instantly on Instagram,  in Vietnam side herbs like Ngo Gai Culantro or Ngo Om Rice paddy herbs are more apparently.   May be more on Southern side.   But ultimately,  this is quite Chinese Chiu-Chow region influence due to the spices and rice noodles used, or the fried Crullers eaten with it.   I am sure there will be Version 3.0 or Version 5.32 coming up.  I have seen this with many improving kitchens gradually globally!  It is great already now minus the Fried Tripe bit..   ~ 9/10

White Chocolate Frozen Sponge and Snow,  Christmas Pine Spruce essence,  Strawberry Mousse,  Peppermint Ice Cream,  Berries Coulis Sauce,  Sugar Crystal -  

This was sophisticated as a Concept behind.  I personally liked this although I am not certain everyone else in Hong Kong will.   As a Food Consultant myself I do a lot of Statistical researches and it is never ending.  Not many people like Peppermint locally for once,  only those who grew up with Peppermint and Chocolate chips love them.  The Strawberry Mousse was fluffy and I have had other flavours here,  almost like a souffle.   I don’t know if anyone remember the Spruce concept here because even if I appreciated a lot,  from a marketing point of view you might not strike a resonance with customers without showing them with a real leaf.   Black Pepper wise,  well if a kitchen can’t even convince someone to put it onto a Cacio e Pepe or a Lazio/Rome style Carbonara pasta,  I also don’t see how it will catch on with people on a dessert.   WE are too sophisticated sometimes,  it takes time to project it into their heads.   Obviously no one wants to do another Matcha Fondant out there coz we all know it will work : )   Oh no I forgot to order their wonderful HK Style Milk Tea this time around,  to cap off the wonderful meal!!

Price:   Around $700 - 888 HKD + 10%  (Thanks to FeedmeGuru App for organizing the Dinner Menu tonight!)
Ease of Access:  4/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2  to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri 11:30-22:30pm
Sat to Sun 15:00pm - 22:30pm

Address:  觀塘巧明街100號AXA Tower地下
G/F, AXA Tower, 100 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong
Ph: 3758 2239

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