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玉蘭苑 Jade Orchid - [ Macau ] Authentic Shanghainese Food in Macau

 Real Shanghainese or nearby regional food are so scarce to come by away from their Home Town. If you ask my personal opinion, there are very few which offers this original taste, but over the many years they did seem to lose their roots or became improvised. This Restaurant is just opened last year in 2015, with the Chef directly from Shanghai region. We couldn't even wait to visit here, especially when it was endorsed by a fellow Macau Magazine foodie whom is born in Shanghai herself.

A Jigsaw Cart -
An historical culture. Back in the days, especially ladies, they traveled via this transport. You know, they think they have to be Classy. To me personally, this was a little superficial as an act hehe..

I was Told, this is one of the most Authentic Shanghainese Restaurants in Macau -
I totally trust her verdict. Coz she is Shanghainese herself, and my last trip to Shanghai was also with her. Thanks for introducing to me..

Menu Design - 

馬蘭頭香乾 -
Ma Lan herbs with Dried Tofu, Sesame Oil. This isn't a dish that is easily prepared, it takes a lot of effort for me. ~ 7/10

咸肉菜飯 -
Veggies and Salted Pork Fried Rice with Lard Oil. This again is a dish I miss from Shanghai. The greens today were looking fresh, but somehow I think it could still do with more fragrance aroma. ~ 7/10

Some Pork Xiao Loong Bao 上海小籠包 -
Expectedly executed perfectly and so soupy ~ 9/10

Shanghai Smoked Fish - 上海熏鱼
Served either Cold or Warm, the actual fish isn't really smoked just cooked in a Soy Solution then Fried. However, many versions outside of Shanghai are too hard dense. Not here at all. This is representational of the best versions I tried in Shanghai itself, Which are always great. ~ 8/10

Mung Bean Noodles with Preserved Mustard Green Veggies 雪菜炒粉皮 -
One of my favorite all time dishes. Glad someone ordered this today! .. ~ 7.5/10

Fried Pork Buns - Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包
As I have mentioned a few times, the Bao skin is either fried upside down with the pleats at the bottom, or it can be fried bottoms up. My personal preference is for the to be fried Pleat side down. Although it looks prettier this way ~ 7/10

醃篤鮮 - A soupy dish with Long Bamboo Shoots, Pork, Soy Beancurd twists, Chinese Ham
I can't instantly recall a really good version in HK/Macau compared to Shanghai itself. But this comes close ! ~ 7/10

走油蹄膀 - Braised Pork Knuckle with Less Oiliness
Served with a red braised sauce. I personally think this could have more sophistication in the sauce, or spices input. However I appreciate how this rendered off the fat via cooking technique. ~ 7/10

八寶鴨 - 8 Treasures Duck with Glutinous Rice 
This dish is always hard to achieve perfectly. The Duck has to be deboned first and then filled with rice and other ingredient, lotus seeds, etc. Truth be told in my opinion, I think this dish has always been about showing off skills to pull off the actual dish but on a rare occasion, it tastes so great. ~ 7/10

上海粢飯糕 Zi Fan Gao -
Fried Glutinous Rice Pudding, this modernized version with Chinese Ham and Spring Onions. So good indeed ~ 10/10 Its a popular Morning or Supper dish with Soy Milk, but so hard to find a great version in town nowadays. Even within Shanghai itself.. ~ 9/10

桂花湯圓 - 
Shanghainese Osmanthus Flowers, Goji, Rice and Sticky Rice Dumplings. Ever so popular.. 8/10 

The Bill came out to be rather Reasonable. Considering we had at least 5-6 people eating together! -  Some left earlier than others, but overall this was so good and recommendable for Macau's Shanghai Food scene!

Price: MOP $250
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 新口岸孫逸仙大馬路澳門漁人碼頭勵庭海景酒店勵庭海景酒店閣樓
Mezzanine Floor, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Harbourview Hotel, Av. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Porto Exterior
Ph: 87996315

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