Wednesday, May 4, 2016

MiSS.Mixian Sour Spicy 米線專門店

 MiSS stands for Mixian Sour Spicy 米線專門店. It is a new MiXian Rice Noodles (米線) concept store, specializing in Tomato and Pork Bone based Soup eaten with round Rice noodles which are prevalent in Yunnan Province in China. This recent MiXian trend has really caught on in Hong Kong and throughout China and Asia recently! But Mi.S.S. goes one step further by making their soup base from imported Italian Tomatoes, utilizing Balsamic Vinegar for the tomato salads, and additionally they now also offer a superb value Hot Pot option for 2-4 persons starting from just $108 for 2 people during supper period!

It’s Geographically located in Yau Ma Tei -
However it is virtually closer to Dundas Street in Mongkok.   You can reach it equally well from both Yau Ma Tei or Mongkok MTR Station within walking distance.

Interior - Communal Tables. If arriving with friends, this is quite cozy especially if you order the Hot Pot options.

$12 Per Person - UNLIMITED Refills for Soft Drinks
This is such a great deal, as Ar Sa from Twins said in the TV Commercial, Hot Pot or Spicy Sour Noodles are best paired with some soda drinks. $12 unlimited drinks is really a bargain.

Sauces, Herbs and Spices Station - MiXian is operated in HK under the same as Yoshinoya Group. Over here the sauce selection is quite comprehensive, the Sichuan Pepper & Chili Sauce is fried in-house and very numbing and fragrant, better than many other Sichuan places. No extra Charges here either, all you can refill...

2 x Sliced Beef Plates. $128 Normal Price for Tomato Shabu Shabu, and $108 only after 9:30pm for Supper for 2 Persons -
A really good bargain deal to me and the soup base carried a lot of natural umami sweetness too. Also comes with Veggies and Rice Noodles, plus Duck Breast, Luncheon Meat, etc. ,

Really lovely Beef - Marbled and not too fatty. Soft Supple.
 Typing this makes me want to go back already, albeit this is in Yau Ma Tei so being a HK Islander, I will have to travel a bit!

Duck Breast, Luncheon Meat, Imitation Surimi Crab Sticks, Sausages -
These are all included in the $108 - $128 price for 2 persons Hot Pot.

Veggies and Rice MiXiang Rice Noodles -
A bit of veggies and mushrooms with noodles, is healthy for the day !

MiXian Noodles -
After boiling the meat and veggies, we were free to make our own noodles!! The Tomato base was quite refreshing and slightly sour, which is great as it doesn’t taste artificial and sugary like other places.

Yuzu Honey Drink - $20
I wanted also to try this drink on the side!

酸麻辣米線 -
Sour Spicy Numbling Noodles with Beef $38Also tried this option on the side, it’s quite tomato-y but has plenty of meat which I like.

Price: $38 Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: GF, KiuKin Mansion, 566 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei
Ph: 23638399

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