Sunday, May 29, 2016

Kimura 木村 - [ Shiga Prefecture, Japan ] Fermented Funazushi with a Gold Fish from Local Lake Biwa, also Ayu Sweet Fish

 It's not my 1st time visiting Shiga Prefecture, it's just less than 1 hour away from Kyoto by train ride. There are two routes East & West here and many train stations to visit Shiga area, but there is no doubt Hikone Station is the best bet if you want to try Shiga food. It's closer to the lake, and they have history here as it was one of the 1st Japanese castles to be built in the 15-16th Century, even preceding Osaka and Nara.

Kimura - 
Shiga is known for their fresh water fishes, here at Kimura they specialize in fresh water fishes from Lake Biwa and pickles. Ayu Sweet Fish is the centre of attention here, although they serve other regional specialties..

Tade Su - 蓼酢
When you see this bottle, you already can guess what they serve here. It's a water grass that Ayu Sweetfish also feed on, Known for their Melon flavors.

Ayu Sweetfish Sushi -
The local delicacy, and usually served Charcoal Grilled, or the young fishes Fried for safety reasons. During the peak season and when served fresh enough, they are slightly pickled and can be made into Sushi. ~ 8/10 

Funa Zushi - Crucian Carp Goldfish Sushi
This was supposedly the most traditional sushi in Japan, its fermented with salt and then fermented rice, finished up with Sake Kasu Lees as marination to lessen the smell. Back then before refrigeration periods in the 1800's, this method preserved the Fish more. Despite being called sushi, back then this didn't have rice served with it, that was more a later addition when rice didn't need to be fermented to preserve the seafood anymore... Narezushi or cooked Sushi was always for this purpose of preserving, and actually this is also eaten in China too. ~ 9/10

They also have Charcoal Grilled Ayu Sweetfish in front - 
Shiga Prefecture is fun. Freshwater seafood dominates here mostly, with other fishes and clams. Also obviously Ohmi Wagyu, which has one of the longest histories in the Wagyu World, similar DNA to Kobe Beef's Tajima Black Cow, or Matsuzaka Beef. 

Price: HKD $150 
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 12 Osugi-cho, Omihachiman, Shiga Prefecture

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