Monday, December 5, 2016

Blue Bar Lunch Buffet, Four Season Hotel [Hong Kong] - Lunch Buffet with a Fine Selection of Only the Best, Plus Desserts

 As a small eater, when it comes to Lunch or Dinner Buffets, I personally vote for very well made items for quality rather than quantity, the latter can deceive and be distracting to the whole experience since I have a smaller stomach than my iPhone Camera can capture!  Blue Bar at Four Season Hotel HK satisfies all of my Needs in a single dining session with all well made dishes and quality pastries, and at only $380 per person without any Time Limits for the lunch session, this is totally a Bargain deal for a 5-6 Star Quality Hotel meal.  Note that this was a Christmas Invitational Meal and thanks to Four Season, but I have also been here before myself and I have just been back a week later to The Lounge ourselves too.

Kouign Amann with a Spiced note, well Laminated Croissant, Lemon Pudding with White Chocolate sauce, Passionfruit Tart, some Strawberries with Creme -
All well made and precise. Unlimited.  Wow. 

Dom Perignon Champagne at HKD $1,900 a Bottle for Promotion - 
A great price, considering most HK Night Clubs charges you in excess of $3,400 + 10%, and even the retail price is closer to $1,500 these days.  

This Visit we had the pleasure of receiving Jose Gomez, as our "El Cortadores" Ham Slicer.
 The Jamon de Iberico Blazquez Bellota 'Admiration' range was only served for 4 days, and it was truly mesmerizing. Although on other days a different and quality Spanish Jamon is also served Unlimited for Lunch Buffet, and served as a Tasting Sampler with cocktails at night. 

Some European Cheese and Bread, and yet more Jamon from Salamanca region today..

The Spread of Food - 
This was looking like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory by now, we didn't know what we could eat any more but it was so pleasing to the Eyes at least.

Salad Options - 
I was saying this suits the OL crowd for sure, its sophisticated yet healthy. And also came with many well made desserts to end the meal. 

Tuna Nicoise Salad - 
One of my favorite French salads in the World, provided you can pronounce it properly somehow.  In Hong Kong it is rare to get the right recipes or close enough,  but definitely they did paid attention over here..

Some Thai and Indian options are available.

Lamb Chop Makani - 
Served in a Staub Tagine. Properly 'Frenched' cleaned in butchering and neat looking, kudos to their effort of making this sophisticated. I personally think this could handle even more heat and spices just to make an impact, but perhaps subtlety was originally part of their plan

BBQ Charsiu Pork Pastries - 
Dim Sum.  For me,  it could do with more Charsiu Pork Meat for balance.

Roasted Beef and Herb crusted Veal Racks - 
Both are Beef, initially I thought the right hand side was Pork or Lamb.  It turned out it was a contrast between younger Veal with Beef cuts today..

A Small Sushi Counter here - 

Desserts - 
The Strawberry Cheesecake was as good as you expected them to be. And within a Buffet selection too.. So were the other items

Chocolates & Pralines - 
Tried a few and they were Good. I think they could explain each piece with a more Precise description though, as during a Lunch Buffet and as we are approaching fullness, we need some help to discern what we are eating by this stage!  Loved these..

Pastries Selections - 
I ate quite a few.  Its one of the best in Hong Kong always

Baked Lemon Pudding, with White Chocolate Sauce - 
This was airy light and simply awesome! Didn't expect this quality at all, but it was so accurate and precisely baked.

Desserts here were to me the Highlights, especially if You are a Girl -
Guys love desserts too mind you, but only if we could fit them in !  Same rule obviously doesn't apply to a determined Girl !

Rum Baba - 
Very accurate once again with French/Italian shadows, and the 1st piece had a well soaked porous Cake with Rum, filled with Chantilly Cream. The 2nd one I had was slightly down on some Rum input and was relatively more sweet.  But this was definitely one of the best Rum Baba's in Hong Kong.

Some Cheeses and more Jamon Iberico from Salamanca

Price: Around HKD $380 + 10% 

Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Address: 中環金融街8號香港四季酒店大堂 

Lobby level, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, 8 Finance Street, Central  
Ph: +852 22423777

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