Monday, December 19, 2016

Ole with Winter Game Dishes [Hong Kong] - A most Convincing Spanish Restaurant in Town and Still Improving

 Those who know me well know I really adore Ole.  Although there is an influx of Spanish Openings in the past few years, and also Cassio opening this month serving Barrafina's Spanish food and also welcome,  but Haute Cuisine style Spanish food aside - when it comes to solid Spanish food in Hong Kong which doesn't re-invent the wheel,  I cannot find a replacement for Ole.  A previously combined review of my separate visits can be found here for reference, although I have been here dozens of times but probably didn't post: .  Although this has been on the Michelin Guide for every year from memory,  I actually even think the food has improved these days and is actually Michelin Star worthy.

Ole - 
In the past, as a Spanish Pioneer, it even served real Spanish Anguilla baby eels for more than HKD $500 a pop.  Nowadays it doesn't serve them anymore as it is even more pricier rarer, and is a perishable good...  But that shows you how advanced this restaurant was well ahead of its time,  even without going down the more Molecular cuisine type.   

Almost Cave like Atmosphere - 
There are always Musicians playing here every night. The atmosphere has stayed the same all these years,  but the food has not - it is always improving and keeping up to trend!

Porcini Mushrooms Croquetas - $110
A little too pricy.  I also thought the Porcini taste wasn't too apparent enough to warrant this premium price, plus the bechamel sauce consistency was too thin compared to similar recipes in the past.  Luckily this was probably the only let down for the night...  ~ 5/10

Morteruelo of Cuenca Hunted Wild Partridge, Pork Belly with Liver Pate, served on Bread -$95
It's now within the permitted Season for hunting these wild birds and until sometime around January 2017.  Very lovely Winter dish,  and will be a recurrent theme for tonight. ~ 8/10

Gamey Wild Winter Duck from Spain, with Mushrooms, Oloroso Sherry, Herbs & Bomba Rice - $290
My type of Wintery Hunting season dish.. I enquired about whether this duck is shotgun hunted, or twisted by its neck to retain its gaminess flavor.  The answer wasn't settled in the end as it could be either but I think this would have been twisted but then blood drained to keep this flavor profile.  Very lovely dish, and shows that it is not only nearby France which can execute this game dish so perfectly balanced and sophisticated, also well trimmed neatly..  ~ 9/10

Wild Venison from Basque Pyrenees Mountain - with a Spiced Berries Sauce & Sweet Potato - $380
I wondered if this Northern Spanish dish had any Swiss or Nordic influence as this is to be definitely an Alps or Mountainous recipe. I just had similar Venison/Deer dishes in Tokyo,  and those were well marbled and doesn't need larding for cooking.  Sometimes Venison is so lean it can be tough.  This sits somewhere above the median range and is very well handled,  kudos to the Chef. Slightly spiced too from the lovable fruity sauce.  X'mas is all on this plate!  ~ 8/10

Paella Valenciana with Snails, Rabbit & Chicken. The original paella on the Spanish East Coast & nowadays rare to find - HKD $440
Looking pretty, although somehow I think it lacked some flavors compared to their Seafood Paella options, which by itself also fluctuates on occasions.  I think this could improve if it carried either more Fish stock or Chicken stock somehow, just my 2 Cents... ~ 6.9/10

Rubia Gallega Txuleton - 45 Days Dry Aged Spanish Beef. Served with Padron Peppers,
Roasted Potatoes & Garlic -

This 12-15 year old Cattle is best eaten with some Basque Apple Cider just as a tradition ! Every 100g is around HKD$120 - one of the best Steaks I had in a few years with that unique intense Rubia Gallega flavor!

Price: HKD $400 - $500 Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ – ♕♕♕♕♕1/2

Address: 中環雪廠街24-30號順豪商業大廈1樓
1/F, Shun Ho Tower, 24-30 Ice House Street,, Central
Ph: 2523 8624

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