Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sonata at Rosedale Hotel [Hong Kong] - Bargain Dinner Buffet Starting from just HKD $238

 The Buffet Restaurant inside Rosedale Hotel is pretty concise and precise. At first glance it doesn't have too many options, and it knows that at this Location, it is not likely to attract a lot of walk-in Crowds. However I find this highly recommendable if you like certain dishes here. If you book 5 Days in Advance and Download their Coupons or via Openrice.com , the buffet starts from only HKD $238 and up to $268 on Weekends. Furthermore, at this price each patron will also receive half a Lobster Mornay. Even during X'Mas and New Years period, they also have 30% off and the buffet will remain only in the mid $200's range, making this possibly the biggest buffet bargain in town to celebrate with family and friends !

Snake Soup -
Interesting to see this in a Buffet !  It could do with some more Chrysanthemum and Kaffir Lime Leaves too !

Melty Raclette Cheese -
Here I ate it with Bread, Pickles, Potato Wedges and also some Fried Chicken pieces...

Main Course - Baked Lobster Mornay
This is given to each Customer during the Dinner

Presentation of Food - 
I find that the Lighting here could be much brighter and sharper,  and this is actually my 2nd time visiting here in 2016!   They could also refill the food quicker just to look more appealing,  although the food quality itself is actually pretty good

Seafood Pasta - 
Creamily good,  I added some more seafood on top from the Seafood Counter myself DIY style!

Roasted Suckling Pig with Sticky Rice -
Pretty Wintery and actually unique in a Buffet setting.  

The Cold Seafood Selections -
Not bad for the $238 price range !

Fried Food and Takoyaki Balls - 
The Takoyaki balls were actually really good !  Beware that they are super hot too as this is the fried version...  Similar to Ramen Jo's one.

Some Seafood Salad -

Roasted Beef -

Okay You want to Hear the Truth from Me  - 
The Sashimi and Sushi section here is a little weak.  Look at those Imitation Crab sticks?  Although they do give out Abalone too.  Look for only $238-268 its expected,  since sashimi grade seafood is expensive to source!  From my point of view,  I did think this could be improved somewhat though... Why not do more Hamachi and Salmons

Dessert Counter -

Movenpick Ice Cream Counter -
I like how here they have quite a few flavors

Self Pressed Pancake Machine -

My Pancakes with Ice Cream -

Some Eggy Portuguese Tarts -
Overall if you are after a budget Buffet anytime or during Christmas,  I actually think this was presentable.  The food were cooked better than the lighting and room set up would suggest.  Seriously nowadays in Hong Kong you cannot even pay for a Main Course below say $300.  In relative terms an All You Can Eat Buffet at $238 is a relative bargain!

Price: $238 to 268 + 10%
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 2/F, Rosedale Hotel Hong Kong, Shelter Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣信德街8號香港珀麗酒店2樓 Ph: 2127 8828

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