Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cassio by Barrafina [Hong Kong] - Spanish New Opening and Trend Setting, If only Portions were Bigger to Share

 Cassio recently opened in Hong Kong,  by the people behind Dragon-i Group.  Located inside LKF Hotel,  there was no doubt which type of cool Crowd it intended to attract including Models and Celebrities alike,  and within just weeks of opening it had garnered a large following from the Central Crowd.  The Spanish food here is looked after by Barrafina of Europe London, New York, Sydney and Spain's fame.  The portions were a little too Small to our likings,  but the taste was really good for most items ...


Some Cocktails and Spanish Estrella Galicia beer to start off the night - 

Pan Con Tomate - 
Nicely done. With a good portioning of rubbed Garlic, Tomatoes, Olive Oil and some chopped Herbs on aerated bread.  Forgot how much this is and will have to go back to re-check the Menu prices..  

Jamon Croquetas - $68 for 2 Pieces
The Bechamel sauce within to me isn't starchy or consistent enough with what I eat in Spain,  and the Jamon Ham pieces were a little weak,  especially when compared to Spain itself and El Cerdo in HK - I would barely give these ones a pass..  ~ 6/10

Courgette Zucchini Flower Blossom Tempura,  filled with Crab Meat,  Mushrooms, with a Spicy Tomato Sauce - $118
Another weakish dish on this visit. The tempura method was a little too soft,  and there wasn't enough Crab taste this time.  The life saver was actually the spicy tomato sauce !  This was also too small in portions.  ~ 6.9/10

Spanish Carabinero Prawn - $248
I saw that a lot of people say why this is pretty expensive for a just a single prawn,  but as a supplier myself I have to this one was of a Jumbo size and really expensive to source.  From a business point of view,  may be the Customers expect at least 2 prawns but of a smaller size..   That base Bisque like sauce was super intense and likable by the way.  Price issues aside,  this was excellently executed ~ 9/10

Gambas al Ajillo - Obsiblue Prawns with Garlic and Olive Oil,  Espelette Pepper  $178
This isn't as EVOO bubbly as the traditional formulae,  and this time around the Fried Prawn Legs were taken off during our night of visit, replaced by fried Garlic chips.  This is their Signature Dish here.  ~7.5/10

Potato & Eggs Tortilla - $88
Very well done indeed.  The only better version I know in town is at Catalunya..  ~ 8/10

Seafood Paella Rice with Clams, Calamari and Carabinero Prawn - $178
This was smaller than expected and we were saying it's less than 1 person's portion.  The taste was really great oceanic, but when we go out to eat,  we expect to be filled at least!  ~ 8.5/10

Roasted Suckling Pig with Pea Sprouts -  $228
Really gorgeous.  Apart from Ole on a good day,  this has to be the best Crispy skinned Pig in town.  The sauce was also reduced properly and sophisticated great! ~10/10

Stuffed Chicken Wings - 
This was decent but the exterior was slightly under-fried limpy.  And it wasn't cheap either at over HKD $100 a pop.  ~ 6.9/10

Rubia Gallega Steak,  with Peppers, Mashed Potato - HKD $188
A relative Bargain.  I think the Tapas and Racione sized dishes here are priced similarly,  so you might as well order more Mains!  ~ 8/10

Macedonia Mille-Feuille Filo Pastry - with Berries and Chantilly Cream - $98
This was really good,  if you can forgive that it isn't really a thousand layered Mille-feuille version.  Technical definitions aside it was very likable ~ 8/10

Churros with Chocolate Ice Cream,  Chocolate Dip - 
The one at El Cerdo is definitely the one to beat in Hong Kong.  If that is a 9/10,  here I would give it a 7/10 as it is a bit too dense and the Chocolate dip was quite floury,  compared to the Drinkable ones in Spain,  Austria, etc.   

Price: HKD $700 - $800 Per Person 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ – ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 33 Wyndham St, Central 
Phone: 3792 0129

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