Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shoreditch [ Hong Kong ] - Updated Menu more UK British than Before, Definitely for the Anglophile in You

 Shoreditch in Kennedy Town HK, has improved gradually from its humble beginnings.  This visit is my 2nd more recent visit within just 2 months, and previous to this my best HK British or UK food experiences were found at The Pawn, The Chinnery at Mandarin Oriental, The Canny Man or The Globe at SOHO.   I think this latest updated British Menu at ShoreDitch has over taken them nowadays and might be the closest that you will find here which truly represents a traditional British & Scottish, UK dining experience.   The Cooking accuracy has also improved too..

The Menu has been Updated -
My 2nd Last Visit recently around October 2016 already saw greater spreads of UK Food Recipes.  Surprisingly yet another 1 month later upon revisiting,  the Menu became even more British/UK eccentric,  just the way I enjoy them.  Kudos to the Chef and Team, Owner for taking this bold approach - remembering that HK was once a Colonial state of Greater Britain so it actually makes historical sense too..

Welsh Rarebit - $48
One of my fav Bread recipes.  This version was pungent Cheddar Cheesy and also carried some Black Stout influence.  It's well balanced,  although those familiar with the true Welsh version might want even more Darker flavors within especially during Winter... ~ 7.5/10

Venison Scotch Egg with Salad,  House made Piccalilli Pickles - $98
I have had this a few times here,  and the latest recipe is by far the Best I have eaten in Hong Kong.  Judicially herbed and spiced,  runny egg yolk,  loose and not dense grinded texture of the meat.  The Piccalilli pickles were as usual exceptional - none of the Jarred acidic and mushy type bought off the shelf,  these remained crunchy yet flavorful, tangy balanced, even slightly curry spiced. This Scotch Egg was nearly as good as the Michelin 1* version I had at Harwood Arms in London, my global Benchmark  ~ 8.5/10

Scottish Haggis Bon Bon Balls - Lamb Offals & Stomach $98
With Scotch Whisky Sauce, these are Gamey and carrying some Christmas-sy Sweetish Spices and bitey Oatmeal.   As a Bon Bon version it doesn't come with the Neeps and Tatties root vegetables,  but I am sure Haggis is now such a versatile dish,  it might see it's usage in seasonal rotational recipes and will remain true to the Scottish spirit.  ~ 8.5/10

Inside the Haggis Lamb Offal balls -
Like the Scotch eggs,  the meat texture within was well spaced out yet not overly loose,  almost like it used Suet shortening.

Roasted UK Wicks Manor Farm Pork Belly, with Apple & Cider Sauce,  Fried Capers, Carrots & Parsnip Puree - $198
The pork portion was quite huge!  The meat was decent flavorful and quite succulent tender.  Tonight's version,  the Skin Crackling can be more crispened up for me,  as it was borderline sticky to some of our tooth bites.  ~ 7/10

USDA Prime 'Butler' Flat Iron 10Oz Steak with Onion Rings, Double Fried Chips & Sauce - $228
Good grilling flavor and beef flavor,  this butcher's cut is also known as an Oyster Blade.  This was butchered more in a Halved horizontal style than Against the Grain - as different butchers treat this 2nd more tenderest muscle cut with their own accent,  since releasing the excellent cut of meat requires some skills in removing the sinews surrounding it.  Very lovely steak and apparently this is also Half Price on Mondays!   ~ 8/10

Cooked to Medium-Rare well..

Curry Dusted Cauliflower,  Parsnip Puree, Mushrooms, Spinach & Tomatoes - $138
A trusty recipe and quite European,  the curry spice with the slightly charred Cauliflower service brought out an appetite whetting aroma.  ~ 8/10

Mars Bar Cheese Cake with Biscuit Base, Cream Cheese and Mars Bar - $98
Surprisingly not heavy and also not too sour disturbing with the cream cheese,  this was very addictive and lighter than we envisaged.  The Caramel part of the Mars Bar equation was treated with some berries to balance the sugary hit.  ~ 8/10

Shoreditch in Kennedy Town,  Sai Wan,  Hong Kong Island - 
It's becoming more and more UK eccentric,  just the way I like it especially if you are Anglophile.  Although I have been here a few times and it has improved gradually,  there remains other local UK/British items that I adore but haven't tried.  The Cullen Skink soup will be a great option when it becomes colder still,  and also the Warm Sticky Date Pudding,  along with the very British cheeses such as Thomas Hoe Red Leicester, Poacher’s Cheddar, Cashel Blue, Cahill Guinness Porter or a blue Stinking Bishop,  all rare to find in Hong Kong context.

Price: Around HKD $350 + 10% 
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕  

Address: G/F, 18 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
Ph: +852 22423777

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