Saturday, April 16, 2011

L'Angolo Russo (Rome) - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

  Coming by L’Angolo Russo was purely by coincidence during a heavy pouring of rainfall whilst waiting for a bus to the hotel, but I’m glad I did walk in to buy a quick breakfast.  Proclaiming to be a  Bar - Pasticceria - Gelateria – Cornetteria, one wonders whether it really excels at any of these specialties, as it even sells cigarettes just like most Tabacchi stores!   Strangely enough, this literally unknown corner Bar is well set-up and even has a proper facebook page..


Bars like this are found on every corner in Rome -
but for some reason, this shop’s Pastries and Cornetti looked to me like the real deal..
so let’s just try and see first!

1st time in my life -
To see an odd number 5 Group Espresso Machine set up in a shop! 
(Actually, it’s a 2 +3 HT21 set up to be accurate)

The Gelati display fridge looks a bit mediocre, but the Pasticceria/Cornetteria section was filled with what looked like quality pastries…  As I said, there are plenty of these to be found, but based on instinct I thought these looked professional enough when compared to others..


Espresso  €0.70 -
This is only HKD $10 when drank standing up.  A bargain.  When I saw that this was made from a Portioli coffee blend, I raised an eyebrow because I believed this was an Australian coffee company?   Re-checking it later, apparently this brand has been established in Milan since 1958 and also distributes to many Caffetterie in Italy –  but nowadays their headquarter office is located in Sydney ever since 1995.  Isn’t this fascinating to find in Italy?!   The coffee blending is typical of what you find in Rome or Napoli, with a nutmeg and coriander-seed like spice, dark caramel, slight woodiness but no bitterness.  Italians always add sugar into their espressi, but for me it was very balanced in an old world Italian way and could be drank straight as it is pulled.  Lovely ~   7.5/10

Cornetto alla Crema €0.80-
The Cornetti selections seem to be everyone’s default choice here.  This was very buttery and flaky without too much voids in between, the custard crème ready to ooze out from within and not overly sweetened either.   Basically a custard filled croissant, this was done very well and a pastry I’ll remember for a long time  (I’ve had this type of cornetti plenty of times, but this one was made very well for some reason!)  ~  9/10  


Price: €1.5 Per Person including VAT

Address:  Corso Sempione 13/15,  Montesacro, Rome, Italy
(corner of Via Nomentana Nuova and Via Gargano)
Ph: 141 06 8680 0686


  1. I want to go to Italy now. The coffee in your picture Is quite good. Btw, the avg spending is really 21.5 euro as the coffee is just 0.9euro?? Just wondering


  2. Yeh I want to return back too! Sorry the avg spending I just copied from my previous Gelati post, forgot to edit haha - thx for the reminder ;) This place was surprising, because subsequent coffees weren't as good even though more famous!



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