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Blue · Butcher & Meat Specialist [Hong Kong] - Steak & Butcher House, Hardcore Style

Blue Butcher changed its name slightly these days to reflect on its nature as both a dedicated Butcher Meat House and a Steakhouse,  especially when nowadays at downstairs they opened a new counter for customers to purchase their butchered Meats and Produce for take away.  Hong Kong has recently experienced a myriad of new steakhouse openings in town,  notably Beef Bar which instantly garnered 1 Michelin Star, as well as Wolfgang's Steakhouse arriving buttery hot from NYC.  There's also the other notable competitors in town from previously Michelin 1 Starred InterContinental's The Steak House and Sheraton's Morton Steakhouse,  Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, JW Marriott's Flint Grill & Bar, Atelier Vivanda, Ruth Chris, Butcher's Club, etc,  or La Vache if you just needed casual Steak Frites.  Blue Butcher still stands out amongst them,  since they have an in house Butcher Johnny Farrell from the UK, who cuts up the carcasses and then Dry Ages the meat inside a Himalayan Pink salt room,  and as my previous interview with Fergus Henderson also here ( ), Blue Butcher follows this concept through by doing responsible hardcore Head to Tail dining, the only one of its kind in HK..

The Neon Light setting is like a Night Club than a Butcher's Meat house -

The New Counter selling their In-house Butchered and Dry Aged Meats -
It's reasonable and at around wholesale retail prices

Burrata Cheese, Heirloom Tomatoes, Croutons and Kale Pesto - HKD $180
A new variation of a dish I have tried here a few times, this time it comes with kale pesto instead of basil as in a Caprese..

Rubia Gallega Smoked Beef Fat Candle, Sea Salt & Bruschetta - $135
The dish to come here for these days, reminiscent of the version served at Restaurant Story in London.  It's actually quite cowy and strong in the taste,  so you end up dipping a lot of bread into it to finish the melting candle

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads,  Chimichurri Aioli, Burnt Lemon - $220
It was either the Bone Marrow again or this,  and obviously I opted for the latter since it is rare to find these served as fried nuggets in Hong Kong!  The portion was much larger than I expected,  usually other places only serve 2 pieces or 1 larger one.

Blue Mussels, Clams, 'Nduja Sausage, Bacon, Chive Oil with Fregola Pasta - $175
A favorite on the table,  this was almost like a full on pasta dish as a Primi course.  Full of mussels and clam jus sweetness.

Irish 'John Stone' Dry Aged Grass Fed T-Bone,  22oz HKD $650
This is actually quite a bargain for Hong Kong.  They also sell the delectable 45 Days Dry Aged Rubia Gallega Steaks,  as well as other options and Australian Wagyu steaks at different price points.  I think this beef is more on the grass fed leaner, meaty side, which in theory suits Europeans than local Hong Kong customers,  who usually prefer marbled grain fed beef and melts in the mouth sensation.   

Cooked Accurate to Rare Plus -
If you have been following my posts, in Hong Kong customers order Medium-Rare,  but expect them to be still relatively pink inside.  By International Standards,  I call this Rare Plus myself.

Blue Beef Ribs, Bourbon Barbecue Glaze, Watermelon Slaw - $490
This portion was large and the taste was really awesome.  With a charred, sugary crust,  it was almost like Char Siu but made with Beef ribs, and it was spicy on the marinade surface too.  A must order and one of the best I have tried recently.  We mentioned that some people also like sister restaurant Limewood's version,  which is similar but somehow I prefer this in it's layered, penetrating marinade and external rub flavors.

Duck Confit Mac n Cheese, Slow Cooked Egg - $110
This is a lovely recipe, and on my Instagram this got way over 1,100 Likes easily.  The taste was thick gooey, and cheesy, I was saying that since they call themselves a Meat house and is considered more hardcore than most, and since they alreadyserve Duck Fat Fries and Beef Fat Candles here,  they might as well throw in some Crispy Duck Skins from the leg confit on top to finish off the project..

Inside Duck Confit Mac n Cheese ..

Triple Cooked Fries - Limited Servings Per Day $80
These were really great and fluffy, with a rough crispy edges, obviously taking lots of preparation for what are just fries and chips.  Probably one of the most memorable ones I tried in Hong Kong ever.  They were gone in no time on the table though!  A must order!

Roasted Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Lentils & Yogurt - $70
Some veggies to balance the meal.  Not your typical veggies either,  this was thoughtful

Red Velvet Cake -
It's decent enough, at least not dry.  Truth be told,  it's very hard for someone to judge a Red Velvet cake,  although Carrot Cakes are even harder,  if you know what I mean. 

Bruleed Sourdough Pain Perdu French Toast,
with White Chocolate Butter & Blueberry Jam - $110
This reminds me of a Tartine open sandwich with a custardy spread, then blow torched, not the typical doused in milk and egg version.  Very lovely and you almost want to order extra ice cream to eat with it.  Speaking of which,  they should bring back the Salted Caramel ice cream which was the best in Hong Kong all these years,  and this would therefore be the last sentence of this write up for me.. !

Price: HKD $450 to $600 for Dinner Per Person + 10%   (Meal was Dined with Maximal Concepts)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 上環蘇豪荷李活道108號108
Hollywood Road,  Sheung Wan,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2613 9286

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