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RECH by Alain Ducasse [Hong Kong] - Sunday Lunch with Signature Dishes Starting at HKD $588

  RECH by Alain Ducasse in Paris dates back to the 1920's,  and in recent years one of the most successful French Chefs in modern era in Alain Ducasse looks after this Seafood restaurant.  In Hong Kong we were lucky to be the second city outside of France to receive RECH on our shores,  and to keep the taste and experience the same,  the Hong Kong outlet imports exactly the same seafood that the original restaurant serves to customers.  We were invited over to try out the new Weekend Sunday Lunch, and since then there's been slight updates with the Pricing:   It's $588 for the Food Courses,  and Discovery Wine Pairing starts at only $188 for Free-flow.  Latest Details here:

Sunday Lunch at a Glance.  Starting at just HKD $588 per person

Juice as Aperitif -
To open our appetite,  a very European concept

Seaweed Crackers with Tuna Dip -
And Kombu Bread with Bordier Seaweed Butter in Fish Shape

Alsatian White - Gentil Hugel AOC 2014

Gillardeau & Fine de Claire Oysters -
2 French oysters daily are served,  with many more available as A La Carte

> Marinated Sardines with Carrot Basil
> Marinated Scallops with Citrus
> Langoustine Jelly with Lime-Ginger
> Vegetables in Salt Crust, Sorrel Condiment

Langoustine Jelly with Lime-Ginger

Marinated Scallops with Citrus Basil

Marinated Sardine with Carrots & Basil

Squid in Cookpot (Crockpot) with Provence Tiny Spelt, Sesame -
The Signature dish here,  it is served between 2-4 people.  The squid were carved into rings, almost like upper end Japanese sushi restaurants.  The tiny spelt tasted slightly toasty and someone commented it's almost like quinoa,  except these had more underlying flavor depth than even wild quinoas and almost like small lentils

Gerald Bertrand Reserve Speciale Pinot Noir 2014 -
A Southern French IGP Pinot Noir, which was interesting used to pair the below Cod Fish with Aioli..

Wild Cod Fish with Aioli, Clams, Prawns & Vegetables -
This sounded quite Mediterranean in concept, and was healthy too just like some dishes presented in this Sunday Lunch Tasting menu!  The cod fish was silken soft and apparently it's the same cod fish used in RECH in Paris, to ensure consistency in taste.  So it was going to be a contrast to the award winning Miso Black Cod used upstairs at NOBU.

Grilled Duck with Mango and Jus Reduction -
This was a really lovely duck Main Course.  The portion was perfect, but the duck jus reduction sauce is as expected in modern Alain Ducasse kitchens, redefining Escoffier cooking with less fat and butter, but more concentrated flavors.  The slightly peppery kick with mango made this great for Summer even as a poultry dish.

Amazing Hong Kong Harbour View from RECH by Alain Ducasse,
Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong

Alain Ducasse Brut Champagne -
I really loved this actually,  it's more on the Masculine side with a citrus and mineral kick.

Signature Normandy Camembert Cheese with Condiments -
RECH serves only 1 French Cheese, and befittingly it's a protected Traditional Camembert,  which has lately been mass produced by manufacturers using a different production method and eluding the protection of the denomination.  To serve this original and much more natural, unpasterized milk cheese is a statement by RECH and Alain Ducasse.

Kiwifruits as Pre-Dessert -
These were probably the best Kiwi Fruits I have devoured in my life, super sweet and ripe, and even the seeds were tiny.  Never knew this Chinese origin fruit can be of this standard.

Desserts Tray -
There are 5-6 selections here.  You can try all of them,  and not sure if it is meant to be a secret or not,  but if you really want,  you can ask for some 2nd servings of your fav items.

Eclairs with Dark Chocolate by Ducasse, also Fresh Strawberries Creme -
I took a bite of the Strawberry eclair and knew this was using fresh strawberries blended into the cream to make,  probably the best Strawberry eclair I have tried in my life - considering this is so cost prohibitive I am sure no shop will sell this individually.

Steamed Cheese Tart with Berries -
This has a buttery sable tart base,  and was so mesmerizing we had another second serving.

Mr and Mrs RECH -
The Signature Meringue desserts made with Hazelnut Powder and Cream,  and also a Raspberry version for Summer.  The lunch versions are piped higher but more petite, but equally amazing...  If anything the desserts here alone were worth a return trip soon.

Fresh Baked Madeleines -
When these arrived,  they smelled so buttery but not too rich.  They looked super even and precise, despite baked from the non-silicon tray.  It turned out they were just about perfect from shape to smell to taste, and even crispy at the edges believe it or not.  Inside,  the batter recipe was definitely singing out authentic French Madeleine!    Easily if not the best in Hong Kong..

RECH by Alain Ducasse -
Interior was smart, refined yet relaxing.  Nothing overly pretentious, and lined with paintings of seafood and austerity.   It felt almost like Paris was transported to Hong Kong's harbourside

Extra Order - Signature Alain Ducasse Rum baba
Previously this was doused with Armagnac,  and Hong Kong RECH by Alain Ducasse has now changed back to using Rum instead.  I have had this previously and it remains probably the only correct Polish/French/Italian Baba au Rhum in town in terms of texture and taste.  Four Season Hotel's Blue Bar also makes the other correct version.  Adding the above correct Madeleines formula,  I think if you really miss something traditional but done precise,  RECH can actually satisfy this need too,  since some people like me are quite particular about certain historical taste profiles. This ended our lovely Weekend Sunday Lunch session and I am sure I will be back soon,  and at only HKD $588 before Wines,  it represents fantastic value to try out their Signature dishes 1st.

Price: Sunday Lunch HKD $588 Per Person + 10%,  Wines from $188  (Meal Organized by RECH by Intercontinental Hotel)
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號香港洲際酒店酒店大堂 
Lobby level, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: +852 23132323

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