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Tenkuni 天くに [Hong Kong] - Live Eels Imported from Lake Hamanako 浜名湖, Japan

  Tenkuni 天くに is opened by a Japanese owner who frequently travels to Nagoya, one of the most famous areas for serving Fresh water Unagi Eel as a hitsumabushi dish.  In his Hong Kong based Restaurant,  they source live eels from the equally famed Lake Hamanako in Shizuoka. In Hong Kong this is also the only dedicated restaurant which serves live Japanese eels in a Kaiseki style,  along with their Tempura items.  I have previously covered this for Japanese Magazine "Concierge" to introduce this unique eel restaurant.

Live Eels from Japan, Shizuoka -
They are prepared fresh daily in the kitchen, and is the only restaurant to import these expensive and rare ingredients to sell in Hong Kong.  Per Japanese eel starts at only HKD $420, which is actually reasonable. 

Sashimi & Appetizer Course -
This is part of the Kaiseki style Set Lunch or Dinner meal, and they import jet set fresh Seafood from Japan for their Sashimi and Tempura courses.

Live Kuruma King Prawn Tempura -
These are actually prepared live from a tank too, and fried in a thin batter, in a Kansai style.

Tempura Abalone -
This was prepared quite well and tender.  There is also a bit of the abalone liver attached,  which is a preparation rarer to find.  (For Sushi or Tsumami Sashimi, the Abalone Liver is often made into a sauce..)

Double Sea Urchin & Shiso Tempura -
A Signature item here,  this uses top quality Hokkaido Bafun uni in two ways.  1 Urchin layer is sandwiched between the shiso herbs and fried,  and then it is topped with more tongues of raw urchins.  The Chef said he wanted customers to taste the urchin in both it's cooked and fresh sweet form.  Ingenious..

Live Kabayaki Grilled Eel, from Lake Hamanako, Shizuoka (Whole Eel HKD $420) -
The Eel is slaughtered and cleaned from belly up,  the only restaurant in Hong Kong to prepare this way properly in Western Japan Kansai style.  The eel itself is also not steamed in any of it's preparation,  meaning it's grilled directly over heat source until Crispy.  This style of true Kansai preparation is unique in Hong Kong,  and apparently some customers are used to the more softer steamed then grilled Kantou version.  So take note because only true Kansai style Unagi aficionado will truly enjoy this!

Kabayaki Kansai style Grilled Live Unagi...
The eel meat during early summer is not too fatty nor gelatinous yet, so it has some crisp edges.  To those used to eating Unagi the Kantou or Tokyo way, which is steamed at least once,  this could be more of the drier mouth feel side but for a reason. 

Eel Liver Kimosui Soup -
Each eel only has 1 liver,  and within the HKD $420 price this delicacy in soup is included.  If you prefer the Eel to be served on a bed of rice Unaju style,  the price increases to HKD $480 simply because both the Chef and Owner said they use the best quality Japanese rice without compromise.  Overall,  Tenkuni restaurant is one of a kind in Hong Kong.  I secretly wished that their Unagi eel can have an option of also being prepared Eastern Kantou style with a steaming process involved,  not because I prefer that, but the restaurant might need to be mindful of some customers not being used to this crispier unique version not popularly served outside of Kansai region!

Price: HKD $420 to $1200 for Full Kaiseki Dinner Meal + 10% Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ - ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 尖沙咀加拿分道44號香檳大廈地舖
G/F, Champagne Court, 44 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph:  +852 23688842

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