Thursday, July 21, 2011

千両 - (Sen-ryo Sushi)

  The Sen-Ryo sushi train store has always been one of my favourite spots for a quick dinner fix.  It is of course completely absurd to hope for this Kaiten Sushi place  to serve an equivalent of a Michelin 1 or 2 Star sushi meal.    At only a portion of the price and of a totally different genre,  what I do love most about 千両 is their grated wasabi.      Unlike every other Kaiten in town serving powdered and inferior quality wasabi,  here they give you a liberal serving of an imported grainy 練りわさび to dip together with the Soy Sauce!    With a Japanese executive chef over looking the whole chain,  I think this is easily the best Sushi Train shop in HK…    Disclaimer:  This meal was from a general Media Event, although on a regular basis I dine here quite often anyway,  therefore will show some contrasting photos between the normal meals and this one!


天然小鯛, 太刀魚 ,  鰺魚 -
Natural Kodai,  Tachi-uo and seasonal Aji,
flown in from Kyushu, Japan. 


Summer Drink  #1:   Plum and Lime Soda


Pineapple and Pear Cocktail -
Very refreshing with a hint of alcohol


Orange Oolong Tea -


一勺 Shochu -
This is poured into both the shot glass as well as the wooden container,
so basically,  you’re getting Double Servings : D    At $32,  this is way cheaper than expected…


Magnetic Device installed at bottom of Plate -
This is installed onto every plate, to ensure freshness of the food from time of Making to the time of Serving..   plates are automatically discarded when they have been displayed for longer than it’s optimum time.    It’s a good reassurance for the customers who don’t normally trust the Sushi Train system,  but here they have this automatic system implemented.


牛蒡チップス -  Burdock Chips
A pretty nice starter to the meal, if accompanied by some wine or beer!  
~ 7/10


Tomato Salad -
A good refreshing starter !  ~  7/10


Grated Wasabi -
None of the pungent, powdery type.  
This is the perennial WINNER which keeps me away from other shops!



揚げだし豆腐 – Agedashi Tofu
Pretty enjoyable with a crispy exterior shell, soft centre and decent dashi sauce ~  7/10



筋子 -  Salmon roe
This is one of the very few sushi train shops selling the Salmon roes with its membrane attached, a delicacy in Japan…   ~  7.10


3 Types of Daily Kyushu Flown-in Sashimi - 九州三味剌身  $95
天然小鯛, 太刀魚 , 鰺魚
The young red snapper is my favourite tonight,  as it is very sweet and with a crunchy skin from a slight ‘boiling’ process!   The 太刀魚 (Tachi-uo) comes next, which has been slightly aburi flame grilled on the skin then placed on a bed of ice to elevate its crunchiness factor.  The Aji tonight,  albeit fresh,  was missing a bit of that unique fattiness and strong silver skinned fish taste ~   7/10


太刀魚 (Tachi-uo)


Aji fish bones and head -
were fried upon request!   Very crunchy and went perfect with the Sake.


California Roll -
Pretty decent for a sushi train,  can’t be faulted for the low price  ~  7/10



炙り縁側 – Aburi Engawa
This is a favourite of mine.  Surprisingly not found in high end sushi shops,  this is the fin of a flat fish that is slightly grilled.   ~   8/10


トロサーモン  -  Toro Salmon
I love salmon but eating it raw does have it’s risk,  but most Salmon nowadays have been frozen to at least –55c to kill off all germs, parasites and ring worms.   This was pretty fatty.   ~  7/10


明太子いか -  Mentaiko with Squid
Topped with a few ikura.  This was a good addition to the menu.   ~   7/10



ハマチ -  Kingfish
This is always fatty and served mostly during winter but is actually quite good all year round lately…    ~   7/10



うなぎ – Unagi Eel
Served warm,  this is not bad.   ~  6.5/10



こはだ – Kohada
When Sen-Ryo first started,  it was served with some fried Konbu on top,  but nowadays the formula had changed and is served with some pickles.   I liked the original presentation better,  and this was overly marinated in vinegar  ~  5/10


海老と海老みそ - Prawn with Prawn Liver Paste
The crab version is very good too, but this one is quite unique in the HK Sushi Train market.
I always order this ~   7/10



Fried Oyster – カキフライ $38
This is fried a little too brown but it was very plump and juicy. 



赤海蝦,  漬け鮪, 大トロ -
The prawn dotted with yuzu and chili was pretty good for a Kaiten sushi shop,  and so was the marinated Tuna red meat.   The otoro fatty tuna was slightly fishy however,  and after making a casual complaint,  was replaced as below.   ~     7/10 (Kaiten wise)


A much better Otoro – !



*Another night’s Otoro !
On the lucky day, you get a top quality Otoro for very little price!! 




釜トロ – Toro from the Tuna’s Neck T-Bone
*This is the ONLY sushi chain store in HK,  which carries this very rare part of Toro,
which only constitutes 1% of the whole of a Tuna’s mass.    It’s evenly spotted with marbling fat,  also stronger in meaty taste.   For something usually found only in High End sushi shops,  this shows how serious Sen-Ryo is trying to impress its diners,  not forgetting it’s proper grated wasabi either!   Unfortunately this was slightly oxidised today, but better on other nights ~   5/10




Avocado and Soft Shell Prawn Maki – $30
This was surprisingly done very well.  Although some complained that the rice was a little stiff in texture,  I guess those who’ve been those 105-120 Yen sushi shops in Japan will understand,  that Sushi Train shops in Japan can be a major put-off  with robot machines making rice and fairly poor quality fish…   so in this context,  I thought this was impressive for a Kaiten Sushi!  Our prawn apparently fared better than the next table’s one,  so they could be more consistent!  ~   7/10 


金目鯛 -  Alfonsino
A very sweet fish and highly treasured in Japan,  remotely related to a red snapper and flame grilling the skin will bring much more aroma.   ~   7/10


鰹 – Katsuo
Slightly seared on the outside,  this is one of my favourite fishes.  Nicely pink and rare inside. This is a stronger flavoured fish which is eaten during 2 seasons during a year  ~  8/10



穴子 -  Sea Eel
Not prepared as sweet as the Unagi option above,  this is more flakey but ultimately more stronger in fish flavour,  due to the environment it’s raised in !    ~  6.5/10




胡瓜手巻き – Cucumber Hand Roll Maki
A refreshing seaweed roll  ~  7/10



たらの肝 – Cod Fish Liver
A Japanese delicacy,  but from Ankler fish but from Cod this time. 
Not bad but a little dry.  ~  6/10



渡蟹味噌汁 (わたりがに) -  $35
This is a Blue Swimmer crab from Aichi Prefecture, Japan,  and is similar to other swimmer crabs.  Known for its delicate crab sweetness rather than crab tomalley/roe flavours,  I enjoyed this vs it’s price point.  Others thought its average.  So I guess with the average price, its already performing beyond our expectation!   ~   8/10


Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream -
This was amazingly great,  I mean, even though this is made by an external cake shop was crumbly and malty-chocolaty!   Truth be told the texture does not scream ‘brownie’  but its not far off.   Everyone polished this off!   ~   9/10



Maccha Ice Cream with Mochi Crepe -
Pretty enjoyable, with at least a good detectable green tea ice cream taste, unlike even Michelin restaurants  such as Sushi Shota.   ~ 8/10


Red Bean with Mochi Crepe -
Liked the above green tea version better,  but its not bad, just needs a little more Adzuki flavour in the ice cream itself !  ~   6.5/10



Price: $150 - $250 per person + 10%
Food:  ★★☆  (For a Sushi Train shop.  Except for Toro tonight needs to be more fresher!)

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sunday -  Lunch  11:45 - 15:00    
Dinner 18:00 – 23:00

(Shop B06B, Basement, The Sun Arcade, 28 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui)
Ph: 2730 5279


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