Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Terzi Caffe - (Bologna, Italy)

  This is a staggeringly good & famous Bologna caffé  (Italian for café) which I was really impressed enough to give it a full score rating.    The only other one being Prufrock Coffee (London).   Terzi Caffe is a bar, Caffe and Tea shop and ironically markets itself as selling  ‘commercial’ coffee,  when its far from being one.    Artisanal self roasted Single Origin beans as well as carefully crafted House Blends from 100% Arabica beans to mixed varietals can be ordered here.  This Northern Italian coffee’s style is so 3rd Wave Coffee and entirely a different story from the rustic and bold versions down South in Rome,  the most famous ones I drank there out of the dozens or so -  being the much talked about  Sant’ EustachioParana Caffé  &  Caffé Tazza D’Oro !     

Walked Right Past and missed the narrow doorway,
lucky I back tracked!

A few Signature Drinks,
but not very commercialised nor expensive,
unlike the overly commercial and touristy Antico Caffè Greco in Rome,
which I refused to visit !

A few Pastries and Chestnut offerings..



It gets very Crowded in this narrow but cosy space.
And people drink and eat standing at the bar,
because unlike Starbucks,  the best caffe’s in Italy,
don’t have any seats !  Check the links of the best ones above!




With a few optional Flowery honey or a Custard coloured Syrup for adding into it -
This Espresso was fairly bright in fruitiness and also surprisingly had a medium body to it, reminding me of the coffee’s with clarity drank in many London Cafes!  A very winey espresso with a tinge of jasmine aroma.  Very lovely and balanced.   They do also carry heavier blends here for those who want a stronger Southern style coffee or try their Single Origins.    ~  



Kakikafé -  Caffé, Spuma Fredda di Cachi   €2,70
An espresso based Signature drink,  added with an espuma of Persimmon foam.
this was like oh-my-gawd!    It is so well balanced and the ripe sweetness and unique flavours of persimmon really made this a winner!   ~  

Serious Set Up for a Caffe in Italy,
This is just so different from the commercial stuff found elsewhere,
it’s a Coffee Lover’s heaven!


A Cabinet with a few Sellable batches of Beans -
Why… didn’t I buy any of these?  Well I should have,  but it wasn’t the blend itself which intrigued me, as a similar styled blend can be found in 18 Grams in HK.   What’s more impressive here was the way its set up and their creative Signature Drinks as well as the add on components on offer -  which makes this such an impressive European Style Caffe !!



Price:  €5 Per Person
Coffee: ♕♕♕♕♕♕

Address: Via Oberdan, 10/d. Bologna, Emilia Romagna
Ph: 051 23 64 70


  1. 難得你會比咖啡六粒星~!

  2. 係呀,呢間好得下. 味道同 Concept 都好特別! :)



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